Friday, August 13, 2010

Song of the Week #103

Song of the week is coming to you from the Gold Coast in Queensland. I've been here since Wednesday evening to attend a conference.

The Gold Coast has been sunny but windy these last two days. On Thursday morning I ran south beside the beach. I laughed at the locals in their winter riding and running gear as I wore only shorts and a shirt! No doubt they quietly chortled at the sight of my white legs.

"Bike Porn" is a term used to describe what cyclists ogle. Carbon fibre bikes, cool gear etc. And I've seen a heap of it riding up and down here. Thursday morning must've been time trial training for a few people as the disc wheels were out. Bling central.

While I won't bore you with the content of the conference I am at I will make a few observations about the attendees. Firstly, tardiness is such a bad look. Most people are at the same hotel as the conference is being held in (I am not) so you'd think they could drag themselves out of bed and be here by 9am. Apparently not. And really, guys, learn how an iron works, it isn't that hard. Or wear something wrinkle proof.

With the election looming it just gets more and more boring. Neither major party seems at all interested in any kind of policy that might drive even a wafer thin biscuit between them. Vote 1 - boredom. The only winners are the minor parties here. And, dear Liberal Party, wheeling John Howard out is not going to get you any votes. He sounds like he's going to cry, the cricket world doesn't like him and he lost you the last election. Do yourselves a favour and leave him at home with a small fanta.

Why is it that everything old is better than anything new? Guitar pedals for example. Everyone (me included) goes out of their way to buy the old analog stuff. You'd think that the big companies would cotton on to this and ditch the fizzy digital versions they want us to buy. Digital isn't always best. Maybe for the same kind of reason that vinyl DOES sound better than most CDs.

This morning I watched Katy Perry live on breakfast TV. Not my cup of tea but I get it. Catchy songs, nice smile and she's obviously having a great time. Cheer up emo kids.

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream:

I'v been very much enjoying some podcasts from NPR in the States. Podcasts are just an mp3 you can download through iTUnes or something simila. I've been listening to stuff from the Newport Folk Festival. Steve Earle and Billy Bragg mainly. I laughed out loud when Billy invited the crowd to call him Judas when he swapped to acoustic guitar! But the best podcast was Weird Al Yankovic live. I'd forgotten just what a good singer he actually is.

Weird Al Yankovic - You Don't Love Me Anymore:

But this weeks top tune is something a little different. From a guy called Eli "Paperboy" Reed. I first heard him on a sampler CD and my ears pricked up immediately. But there's an issue I am yet to come to terms with. Where is he in the record shop. He's not filed under "R" or "P" or even "E" - and not in any section either. Thankfully the internet is easier to navigate! Blue eyed soul coming up.

Eli Paperboy Reed - Take My Love With You:

Well that's about it for another week. A big shout out to DJ Coj who is racing 1/2 Ironman at Yeppoon this weekend. Also to MC Bogus, as he is refereeing his first rugby match.

Back to cold Canberra soon.

Have a great weekend.

DJ Rob

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