Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ironman Training Update

Training is a little different at the moment as I wait for a scan on my achilles and the sole of my foot. No running. Thankfully, swimming and cycling are not a problem at all. My coach has also added some yoga sessions in to keep me busy. I did my first yoga session on Tuesday morning. I just used the yoga stuff on the Nintendo Wii. It seemed pretty good and I enjoyed it as well. And I didn't think it was that haed - until I started swimming that evening! WOW!!

This morning I left the house on my bike at 5.30am and got home about 8.15am. The headwind for the last 30 minutes was a bit of a challenge.

I was fortunate enough to get a long ride in on Sunday with the ACT Road Cycling Champion. She was having a recovery ride and I needed some more kilometres in my legs so that worked out well. I'm fairly sure she was very kind to me in terms of speed!

It is only right that I mention my family here. They are putting up with me rather famously so far I reckon. They smile knowingly when I stumble in the door after cycling and usually ignore the different shoes that are at the front door along with my helmet, shoe covers and associated stuff! And they don't seem to mind when I fall asleep on the lounge at a moments notice. But maybe I did that before. Certainly a skill picked up from my Dad!

Back into the yoga tomorrow morning!

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  1. This mornings headwind was a Biatch! And now I am down with ManFlu! Stupid cold!