Friday, May 14, 2010

Song of the Week - Episode 90

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It is just my luck that the weather has turned really cold in the mornings this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed cycling to school each morning in sub-zero temperatures whilst wearing more layers than a parfait has(spot that reference!) Even the windproof facemask got an outing. Brrrr. The news on the scooter is that it will be being repaired rather than written off. I reckon I’ve got another week on the Cervelo to contend with before the yellow peril is returned.

We went to the coast last Saturday for Angus to play rugby. It was a great trip with some friends and both Uni-North teams won their matches. A lack of numbers meant that Angus got to play up a division as well. He scored a try and converted it in his game and his mate got a conversion as well. Big smiles on the way home after a swim in the sea. I love the beach so very much, as much as a kick in the teeth. But the boys and Dave enjoyed the water! Thankfully, the game is at home this week. I wonder if the fog will lift before they play?

ZoĆ« has started work as part of the backstage crew for her school’s musical production. Does this mean she is looking good for a career in furniture removal? She’s a pretty enthusiastic kid so I’m sure she’ll have a ball. She came 10th in the school cross country which pleased her no end!

Angus has been learning guitar (well attending lessons anyway) for a while now. But suddenly something has grabbed his interest and it is all coming together. He has written a pretty cool tune for a song and the other ones he plays are becoming recognizable. On Thursday night he wanted to learn a riff that apparently I play all the time. But we couldn’t work out what it was. So I just had to sit and noodle until it came up. I tell you, the boy has taste, here’s the song in question:

ZZ Top – La Grange:

Hopefully it is a while before he tries to grow the beard to go with the tune. Also, I don’t reckon we’ll tell him that the song is about a brothel just yet! Did I ever relate the story about me not realizing anything was at all different about the Village People until I was an adult? D’oh!

Angus’ other favourite riff to play is this one:

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army: – and that is an AWESOME music video.

On Sunday we went to check out one of my very good friends playing in a band. It was a cool venue that is part of a second hand / vintage book shop. The band, Junk Sculpture, played a good range of songs and had a drummer who knew how to play as part of the band rather than bashing the kit into submission. They were great and played very much as a group with everyone having a part to play. Apart from the fact they played one of my absolute favourite songs (coming right up) they also did a number by Ron Sexsmith who is very, very cool. Criticisms….well, to be honest, does anyone really need to hear REM’s “Losing my Religion” ever again? “Dear Prudence” was stellar and their version of Springsteen’s “Girls In Their Summer Clothes” was a real treat. And the only thing missing from their version of Neil Young’s “Four Strong Winds” was Emmylou Harris on backing vocals (check out Prairie Wind DVD). Here’s a version with just Neil and his wife Pegi.

Neil Young – Four Strong Winds:

George, the band leader made the comment that it was nice to be away from “McCulture”…whilst wearing NIKE shoes… But this track took the cake, it was fabulous:

Elvis Costello – Peace Love and Understanding: – will that man ever have a proper shave?

And now for something completely different. I remember listening to Steeleye Span when I was a teenager, the mix of folk and rock struck a chord with me and it still does. Here’s a version of one of their most famous tracks by a collective called “The Imagined Village”.

The Imagined Village – Hard Times of Old England (live):

Staying on the folk(y) track for while we have the “song of the week”. I came across this one on YouTube by mistake. I was looking for a clip from the best music show on TV (RockWiz) and this was at the top of the list. As a result of listening to this girl sing I have got my hands on one of her albums and sought a recommendation from the Canadian connection – DJ Kel-C. Realistically, Serena Ryder has a great voice, and can play the guitar and a mean harmonica. What else could a music fan ask for?? Lior has a good voice too. More about him next week.

Serena Ryder and Lior – Heart of Gold (live on RockWiz):

I’m off home now, might be nice to have a ride in the sunshine!

DJ Rob

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