Saturday, October 15, 2016

World Wide Woozle episode #404

Today we vote in the ACT. Do we want light rail or don't we? Do we trust any politicians to deliver what they've promised? And if the current Government is so good then why haven't they instituted all these wonderful promised things already? It isn't that they aren't good ideas, but when you've been in power for years surely some of them could've got a guernsey. In all likelihood we'll get another minority government due to the vagaries of our voting system but the pundits believe that it's far too close to call. The good thing about the election being over is that all of the advertising material can be removed from our beautiful city. We don't have billboards so seeing even small amounts of advertising stinking up the place is disappointing. 

It wouldn't be an election without me insisting that you all listen to this song. Look at that guitar!!

Billy Bragg - Ideology -

You are all no doubt aware that Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Norman Mailer is turning in his grave and attempting a slamdunk in response. It's an interesting decision. In my book lyrics are a form of poetry and possibly the most accessible to the general population. Bob has tons of lyrics to trawl through and plenty of people dissecting them. That gets boring.  Surely the best line in popular music is.....<insert your answer here>.

Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock'n'Roll -

King of the North are an Aussie two piece, loud, rock band that continue to impress me. I've seen them live once and have both of their albums (and a t-shirt of course). That two guys can make so much noise is priceless. If you like energetic rock music then now is the time to try out this band. If you're one of my European fans then the band is on tour there at the moment.

King of the North - The Mountain -

Last weekend Davey and I provided 26 hours of non-stop music and commentary for the Australian 24 hr Mountain Biking Championships. Riding for 24hrs is hard work. Talking, staying awake and remaining almost sane is nearly as difficult. We had a blast. Unfortunately this, the 18th edition, was the last time the race will be run. I think I've ridden in seven and done commentary for four. I'd still happily change careers to work as a radio DJ if I thought it would pay the bills and someone would listen.

Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere -

Abbe May's new song "Doomsday Clock" rolled around on the radio this week. I like it quite a lot. A straw poll of a few regular readers of this column revealed quite polarised opinions. See what you think....there's another song that I can't get out of my head when I listen to this but I'm not sure that Abbe is old enough to realise that she's referenced it in a good way.

Mojo Nixon never fails to make me laugh. Some of his material is crude but for the main it's a fairly cutting look at the culture in his homeland. I have one of his older albums on cassette and lyrics such as, "Don Henley, must die...don't let him get back together with Glenn Frey", never fail to put a smile on my face.

Mojo Nixon - Debbie Gibson is pregnant (with my two-headed love child) -

DJ The BigChicken had a birthday this week. Ba-barrckkk! Here's a song for you my friend. Many happy returns.

Anthrax - Caught In A Mosh (live with John Bush) -

Let me tell you about my cycling challenge. You may or may not have heard about the concept of "Everesting". That's where you find a hill and you ride up (and down) it non-stop until you've climbed the equivalent of the elevation of Mt Everest. I'm not quite mad enough for that (yet). One of my favourite climbs is Black Mountain here in Canberra. To "Everest" Black Mountain is 38 times up. I've been doing a few preparatory climbs and my aim is to do those 38 climbs on one month (November). Watch this space as I do my best for no other reason than I can.

Gary Moore & The Chieftans - Over The Hills And Far Away -

Yesterday I presented at a forum on behalf of my employer. I was much later on in the day after a number of speakers. I was moved to say something like this before I began. "I'm an immigrant to Australia. When I came here in 1983 I was genuinely shocked that it seemed no-one knew anything about Aboriginal Australia. Today we've had a Welcome To Country and every presenter has acknowledged, in a genuine manner, the traditional owners of the land. Our country is not perfect but this is a start." I couldn't help but quickly tell the story of the band being welcomed, with a smoking ceremony, to Gamillaray country. In a room full of people working towards equitable outcomes for a range of people it seemed to resonate.

I chose the next song for the energy, delivery and awesome sounds. Looks like it would've been a great gig to be at.

Saltwater Band - Bolu -

That's enough for one week. The sun is out, the sky is blue and I have to wander down to the Primary School to exercise my democratic right to vote for whomever I choose.



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