Saturday, October 1, 2016

World Wide Woozle episode #403

In a week where a lot went wrong, I didn't get much sleep and it rained far too much, I'm pleased to say that music kept me going.

DJ Hamer-time and me are out at Stromlo next weekend doing commentary for the 24hr mountain bike race. This year marks the event's 18th birthday. It's also the final one. With the amount of rain that we've had it may turn into a kayaking event. I'm taking a snorkel and my flippers. Assuming that the ground isn't so wet that they are forced to cancel you'll be able to hear us on 99.5 on your FM dial in and around the event. Feel free to come on down for a chat even if you're not competing. 24hrs straight is a long time. Fortunately for everyone we'll be playing a lot of music as well.

Everclear - AM radio -

It's the end of the Australian Football season this weekend with the MCG hosting the Grand Final between the Swans and the Bulldogs. It's hard for me to get excited as my team was knocked out last week. The Swans and the Bulldogs joined what was the VFL in 1897 and 1925 respectively. They have 6 premierships between them so you'd hardly call either team wildly successful. Grand Finals are rarely close or hard fought encounters. Last week's Giants vs Bulldogs game will probably be the best of the finals series. However, it's been a cracking season of football, I hope the Bulldogs can manage an upset to win their second only premiership and also that no morons feel the need to kneel down during the National Anthem. There's a time and a place to debate national symbols and the anthem; at the footy today is not that place in my opinion.

Mike Brady - Up There Cazaly -

Alison and Angus gave me the first six Star Wars films on bluray as a gift recently. Starting at the start seemed like a good idea so a couple of weeks ago I sat through Episode I. My thoughts and review from when I saw it on opening night back in the day still stand. A very average film with great special effects an unwanted pseudo muppet. Last weekend was Episode II. Oh dear; I really had forgotten why I'd only watched it once before and that was at the movies. There may be some cool moments but all in all it is way too long and far too boring. It's so good that I slept through a chunk of it and missed nothing. Thankfully I know that the next four are awesome. There are 40 hours of special features as well. Don't expect a review on them anytime soon but I will get through it!

D.A.D. - Sleeping My Day Away -

Noting that Bruce Springsteen has penned an autobiography, imaginatively entitled, "Born To Run"), and that I've ordered a copy from the Book Suppository, I dipped back into some of his extensive back catalogue this week (or catalog for those of you economical with your use of vowels). With so many b-sides, demo versions, alternate ending versions, bootlegs and the like available it's easy to begin to overlook his 'standard' versions of albums. Like a lot of people my age, Springsteen exploded into our lives with the "Born In the USA" album. Cool kids I knew pretended to know all about him but the title track of that album and "Dancing In The Dark" were the huge hits when I was a teen. The "Born To Run" album was already 9 years old and ancient history if you were 15 yourself. "Born In The USA" is far from my favourite Springsteen album but revisiting it and subsequently the relatively recently released live DVD of the album being played in its entitreity reminded me that Bruce is a great guitar player. Yes, yes, yes; he can sing and write songs and perform 4 hour concerts I know that. But when the mood takes him and the mix is right Bruce is right up there as a rock and roll guitar-slinger.

Bruce Springsteen - Cover Me (live) -

I've been listening to some old Georgia Satellites tunes this week as well as guitarist Dan Baird's solo stuff and subsequent group, 'The Homemade Sin'. It's all good old fashioned bluesy rock and roll that doesn't take itself too seriously. Funnily enough, Volbeat who got an airing last week do a really good version of the Satellites tune, "Battleship Chains".

Georgia Satellites - Red Light -

Dan Baird - I Love You Period -

Volbeat - Battleship Chains -

I like a good protest song. Bragg, Earle, Paxton, Guthrie, Cash, Oils, Spys...they've all got some crackers but here's something else. This time from Canada it's alt-rock-country-folk outfit Blue Rodeo with some fairly clear messages (from 2015) about their displeasure with their government.

Blue Rodeo - Stealing All My Dreams -

That's enough for this time. Stay tuned for more.


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