Saturday, March 19, 2016

World Wide Woozle #394

This episode is coming to you from Orange in country NSW. DJ HamerTime and I are here to in a rather long bike ride tomorrow. 170km with 2200m of climbing should keep us both fairly well occupied for most of the morning. I don't remember ever having been to Orange before but it's pretty friendly, has a great park in the middle and also sports a fab Japanese restaurant.

Bon Jovi - Tokyo Road -

That's not the best quality clip but it shows Bon Jovi for what they once were - a great rock band. Somewhere along the road they went all country and, well, kind of lame in my opinion.

I was fortunate enough this week to finally make contact with an organisation willing to help us out with aid to Level School in Vanuatu. The fact that Level is so remote makes getting anything there quite a challenge. The Anglican Church of Melanesia responded to my emails though and the man who is helping me out was actually at Level two weeks ago! What we'll probably do is get ACOM's education office to purchase what we want to send in country and then they will also organise the shipping. It will mean that our money goes further. If you want to help out with funds to go towards school buildings or school fees (education is not free in Vanuatu for anyone) then please let me know. 

Billy Swan - I Can Help -

AC/DC fans are sad that singer Brian Johnson will no longer perform live. He did some very bad damage to his hearing by forgetting his earplugs when motor-racing. As a result he's been told he'll go deaf if he continues to sing live with the band. Where AC/DC goes from here is anyone's guess. Their website says that they will complete the current world tour with some guest singers. Who that will be remains a mystery but all those people suggesting Oz rock legend Jimmy Barnes should listen to some recent live recordings - sadly his voice isn't up to it. Although Bon Scott and Brian Johnson are two very different vocalists I think that they were both great with AC/DC.

As many of you know, DJ Al-ee-sunshineofmylife had a knee replacement this time last year. To say it hasn't turned out well is the understatement of the century. She's back in hospital this coming week to get a new hip. The hip problem caused the knee one but the knee had to be replaced first. I've got no idea how she's kept on keeping on for the last 12 months but I'm glad she has. Whatever you do to channel positive vibes to others...any directed at Alison would be very much appreciated.

The Party Boys - Hold Your Head Up -

One of the only prizes I've ever won in a mail away was a copy of Hot Chocolate's greatest hits (vinyl too folks, it was the early 80s)! This next song, a cover of one of their classics, popped up in my Spotify Discovery feed during the week and I thought it was pretty good. It'd definitely be a fun song in a live setting. I'm now checking out more of this band's work as a result.

Gun - Every 1's A Winner -

One of my favourite movies is "Eddie & The Cruisers". The music in that movie was sung by John Cafferty who plays the next track. He has quite a distinctive voice and the music is pure muscle car American rock and roll. If anyone ever needed to stand in for Springsteen then John would be my choice.

John Cafferty - Voice of America's Sons -

I'm proud to say that my Dad is the Chieftan at the Geelong Highland Gathering tomorrow. As well as his official duties he's hitting the stage for a few songs with his guitar. When I spoke to him this evening he was just running through this one. It's as important lyrically here in Australia as it is in Scotland.

The Proclaimers - Scotland's Story -

I can't top that song. It always sends shivers down my spine. 

See you all next week,that's assuming I survive tomorrow!


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