Saturday, March 5, 2016

Song of the Week #392

Never let it be said that working for a non-profit is boring. On Friday my day included a national senior managers teleconference, work on budgeting (you want to work with a tight budget? - work for a charity), conversations about our social media and then a few hours of moving office furniture that was donated to us. At some stage I'll need to find time to do some more of my other work too! I'm certainly not complaining mind you. It took me a long time in life to work out the kind of work that I wanted to do and even though I wouldn't mind a few of the trappings of my former working life such as nice hotels, the QANTAS lounge and an expense account, I must admit that I'm happy. Life is too short to work in a job you can't stand. If I don't have to move any more furniture that'll be just fine.

Billy Joel - Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) -

I've got a cassette copy of a Billy Bragg gig from 1987. At the end he plays a sort of reggae based song that's quite obviously anti-Thatcher. Billy also interspersed that version with lyrics about various Aussie politicians. Until a week ago I thought it was just a tune he's come up and was jamming on. Surprise! It's this next one and given Billy's influences I shouldn't be surprised. Get ready to skank brothers and sisters!

The Beat - Stand Down Margaret -

As you all know, Jason Isbell won a couple of Grammy Awards recently. Well deserved. The amount of quality live footage of him and his band just continues to grow as a consequence and for fans like me that's just fine. This one is the first track from his current album and it showcases how well he and the band are in a live setting. No auto tune, no tricks, just musicians ripping it up. Check out the drummer's shoulders as he feels the groove. And try not to live inside your telephones OK?

Jason Isbell - If It Takes A Lifetime (live) -

If you saw us play in the church at Reisdale you might like the lighting effects in that song.

I really have been biting my tongue when it comes to politics lately. Ours aren't covering themselves in glory at the moment. I really, really wanted to appeal to American voters to have a long hard look at what might be about to happen in their country. Why? Well because it has a huge impact on the rest of the world. I think they're stuck between a rock and a hard place now. It seems that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys and if you pay far too much then you get clowns. This video might be about America but it could as easily be many other countries as well...

Catman Cohen - Prayer For America -

Just in case you missed good friend Beck defended her World Cycling Championship this week on the track in London. She now gets to wear those rainbow bands for another year. That's an awesome effort!! Rainbows are kinda cool...

Let's close this week with one of my "go to" songs. Some people use a variety of things to help them with their mental state. I use music and this blog is me dealing it to you. Rock on.

Rollins Band - Shine (live) -


...and for those that can't's another sneaky tune for you...and another!

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