Sunday, November 22, 2015

Song of the Week #378

It's been very much a rock and roll've been warned.

Before I get right into it however, if you're in Canberra and at a loose end on Sunday then come along and see me playing the guitar whilst the rest of the band do their level best to drown out my mistakes! Ha ha! We're playing at 5pm at Beyond Q in Curtin. You'll hear Isbell's Southeastern played by us from cover to cover and then a few originals which will be recorded in 2016. It's free...please come. Sometimes at gigs we pass the hat around and the money goes to a charity. Any money that comes my way will go straight to helping out in Vanuatu. We play because we like to...helping people out is an added bonus.

Jason Isbell - Flying Over Water (live) -

Recently I sold one of my guitars. After four different Gibsons I think I should get the message that they just don't agree with me. It's like a battle to play them whereas my Fender and Burns are like old armchairs! I took the money and purchased an acoustic guitar. I've wanted one that I could plug in for gigs for a long time and taking the ancient Eko that I have always worries me; it's a great guitar but best played at home these days. I always play the first bit of the verse from this song when I try out acoustic guitars...nice ringing chords.

That's Bruce Kulick on lead guitar with KISS. Tommy Thayer does a great job these days but Bruce really knew how to shred as well. Check out the Crazy Nights album sometime for excellent guitar work...and dubious lyrical content!

I have no idea what the next band are singing about but I'll find out later. They are from Argentina and are called Eruca Sativa. Musically they remind me very much of Skunk Anansie. It's energetic, relentless and sounds pretty angry. The stabby guitar sounds towards the start are what drew me in initially.

Eruca Sativa - Fuera o Más Allá -

It's been a very long time since I played any music from Roky Erickson. I really liked his album that included random beeping and white noise...he said he included it because after electro-shock therapy it's what he hears in his head.

Roky Erickson - Two Headed Dog -

Rock and roll is as much a state of mind as a musical genre. Take this next tune for example. Other than the fact I thought Russell Morris was back with more great roots music, it's toe tapping and a lot of fun. It might be a little too country for some of you but rock music doesn't have to be all black t-shirts and electric guitars...

Drake White - It Feels Good -

It turns out that Russell DOES have a new album...another one to add to the list for a listen!

Russell Morris - The Lonesome Road -

I'll finish on a sad note. Chris Paine who played for the fantastic Australian band Killing Time died last week. I was fortunate enough to see the band play a few times before it went pear shaped and they were no more. If you like psychedelic rock with attitude then give me a shout and I'll point you at some of their good stuff. Killing Time changed their name to Mantissa to avoid legal issues in the USA. It's the same band.

Mantissa - Dream Alone -

Mantissa - Mary Mary -

That's it...Zoë's home in a few days but I really haven't started a countdown....really I haven't!


"...I don't remember being taught how to hate in Sunday School..." - Jerusalem, Steve Earle, 2002

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