Friday, November 13, 2015

Song of the Week #374

A sad note to begin this week's episode; former Motorhead drummer Phil "Philthy" Taylor passed away yesterday at only 61 years of age. Philthy was in the classic lineup with Lemmy and "Fast" Eddie Clarke who recorded classic albums such as "Ace of Spades", "Overkill", "Bomber" as well as the seminal live LP, "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith". I was fortunate enough to see Philthy in action at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney in 1991. DJ DJ was there with me and the next day we were almost thrown out of a guitar shop for turning an amp up far too loud to test what would become my new guitar. Motorhead had made us deaf! RIP Philthy.

Motorhead - Bomber (live Hammersmith) -

Strangely enough I have been watching the biopic "Lemmy" this week. You may have guessed that it's all about Lemmy...if not, wake up! It's not a bad film with some interesting bits and pieces but unless you're a Motorhead fan or into hard rock it probably isn't for you. Australian readers - it's on ABC iView.

Hawkwind - Silver Machine -

I haven't listened to any Queen for ages. I like them a lot but perhaps I overdosed a few years ago. Nevertheless, I heard this live concert (Budapest 1986) for the first time this week and it's great. The footage I've seen on the 'net shows the band in full flight and the sound and mix are well put together. This song includes one of the best rock guitar riffs ever written.

Queen - Now I'm Here (live) -

As you all know, Vanuatu is a huge part of our family's life these days. We've achieved a lot since the cyclone to assist people there. We've spent all the money we had from donations (and more) now on a number of things that have already been shipped or paid for. At the moment we have a huge stack of school supplies ready to ship out. If you've got a few dollars that you could spare to help us supply Level School then please let me know...anything will help! Since Zoe and I returned from Vanuatu we've managed to help with sports uniforms, books, money to install power in classrooms, a video camera and now school supplies. It's work that we'll keep doing and Zoe and I plan to be back in Pentecost in the middle of next year. I will admit that sometimes it is very hard not to be able to do more for such wonderful, kind and caring people.

Ziggy Marley - Love Is My Religion -

Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top has a new album. It's his debut solo outing and he's 65; not a bad effort! Blues fans will like some of it but there's definite reggae and African beat influences in there as well. "Perfectamundo" is well worth your time.

Billy Gibbons - Quiero Mas Dinero -

DJ SlimChicken asked me this week what I thought of the band Pantera. I am NOT a fan by any stretch. I saw them live years ago and they really, really, really sucked. But I'm open minded and DJ SlimChicken very rarely recommends anything bad so I cued up their well known album from 1990, "Cowboys from Hell". Guess's not half bad. I'm yet to move onto their subsequent albums but it doesn't matter; this one rocks! I was also surprised by how much vocalist Phil Anselmo sounds like Skid Row's Sebastian Bach in places! 

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell -

Cover version time....this is a pretty good cover of a Kylie classic by Tame Impala. Other than the spacy, ethereal quality of this version which really appeals, check out the guitar player's TWO pedal boards...that's give me an idea!

Tame Impala - Confide In Me -

A while ago I mentioned ELO's new album. Here's the single from it that was released a couple of weeks ago. There's no doubt that Jeff Lynne is a Beatles fan but this is a good listen.

ELO - When I Was A Boy -

I know nothing about Mark Kozelek except that he plays good music and that it's strangely compelling. One for listeners who like moody, acoustic stuff, Bonnie Prince Billy, Wilco and the like.

Mark Kozelek - Down In The Willow Garden -

Let's go out with a bang. Tom Waits' music is quiet, raucous, smooth, harsh, violent, drunk, mellow and just about everything else. Whilst his voice is an acquired taste, it's worth the effort.

Tom Waits - God's Away On Business -

That's it. Hug'll do you good.


"I got the shakes in my kneebone...", Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Shakin' All Over, 1960.

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