Saturday, October 31, 2015

Song of the Week #372

Straight into the music this week. Here's one for you fans of grungy indie pop. This isn't all that far from what I was playing in bands in the mid 90s!

Black Honey - Madonna -

I can't tell you anything about Black Honey other than they are from Brighton in the UK and there seems to be 4 people in the band. They do have more songs available here though and after I'm finished writing all of this down I may just head back for a listen. I will admit that when this song came around on Spotify Discovery I saw the title and thought Madonna had finally remembered how to rock!

Did I mention that this week's episode is rather late? You may have noticed that it's been becoming a bit of a habit. Sorry. Having a new job has changed up the way I think, do my cycle training, my mental health and lots of my world view...all in a good way. I think you can expect this blogging thing to continue as I'm hardly likely to stop after 370 plus episodes. I imagine that delivery could be anytime from Friday to Sunday. I continue to take notes the old fashioned way, in a notebook, through the week that are ideas, songs and thoughts to include here. Sometimes getting them into a coherent form takes a while!

DJ ZedBoots is in Romania at the moment. And as it's Halloween she's stocked up on garlic. Romania as I'm sure you know if where Vlad the Impaler hailed from. Bram Stoker made the link between him and vampires in a rather famous book...Dracula!

Iron Maiden - Transylvania (live) -

This time next week Angus and I will be heading out on a bit of a pilgrimage. We've had the tickets booked for months now and it's almost time for us, along with a few thousand other screaming fans to go along to see AC/DC. To say that I'm excited is an understatement. This will be the third time I've seen them. The two previous occasions were on the Razor's Edge Tour (1991) and the Stiff Upper Lip Tour (2001). Both of these concerts were a lot of fun and I'm sure next week will be no different.

AC/DC - Rock Or Bust / Highway To Hell (live August 2015) -

It's quite amazing, in the above performance, that Dave Grohl stayed offstage.

Some bands bring rather average support acts with them...cough, cough, Iron Maiden. AC/DC aren't making that mistake. They've included these next two bands and I'll be more than happy to be there early to watch them both. It's fantastic to see a newer Aussie act get a spot as well as something a bit left field.

Kingswood - She's My Baby -

The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk (live 2014) -

The Hives always remind me of a cross between Iggy Pop, The Beatles and Slade,

We'll dial it back a little now with a song from Cat Clyde. Hailing from London, Ontario this is a bluesy, jazzy, country, folky tune that got my toes tapping almost instantly. They've got an album called "Ivory Castanets" that was released a couple of weeks ago and is available here . 

Cat Clyde - Like A Wave -

A book I was reading this week mentioned the author's mid-90's mixtape. The selection was rather good (better than the book) and this band came up. I'd forgotten how good they were. If you like Weezer then you'll probably like them. Quirky in all the right ways...

Pavement - Cut Your Hair -

I like it when musicians show their influences and aren't ashamed of them. This next track is from a guy called Zakk Wylde. He's one of the best known heavy guitarists getting around. Zakk played with Ozzy Osbourne for years and now fronts Black Label Society. The next track is some of his earlier work. You can hear the country and southern rock influences clearly...

Pride and Glory - Machine Gun Man -

An Australian band I never tire of are Painters & Dockers. In High School someone gave me a copy of their live album, "Bucket" and I played it to death. They've got a uniquely Australian and dare I say it, Victorian sound. It's an eclectic mix of social commentary, punk, rock, brass and way too much energy. TISM were watching closely I imagine when they were coming up with some of their songs.

Painters & Dockers - You're Going Home In The Back of a Divi Van -

Painters & Dockers - Soul Child (live) -

Painters & Dockers - The Boy Who Lost His Jocks On Flinders Street Station -

It's been a tough week for quite a few people that I know with two long and protracted and another quite unexpected. You really do need to live your life whilst you have the opportunity. Don't put things that you really want to do off forever...

Billy Bragg - Wishing The Days Away -

Finally, a huge shout out to DJ HB. She was at the Fleetwood Mac concert in Adelaide this week and sent me some great photos and videos. It looked like a really good show. I have to say that she has a very steady hand! What also made my day was the story about car trips as a kid and her parents love of the band. Those connections are priceless.

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk -

There you have it....plenty of music. Get listening!


" can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant", Alice's Restaurant 30th Anniversary (The Massacree Re-visited), 1995.

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