Saturday, October 17, 2015

Song of the Week #370

Welcome back dear listener.

DJ AB and I survived 28 hours straight of standing up, commentary, giveaways, interviews and general mirth and mayhem! Huge thanks to DJ Guz for his magic touch on the sound system and to DJs Hammertime and BeanzMeanz for coming out to make sure we weren't flagging! The weather was fantastic for the 24hr mountain bike race and the event was a roaring success. Next year, assuming they want us back, we're taking a couple of beanbags and a wider range of food! As well as the commentary and music being on the speakers in transition and around the immediate area, there was a speaker system out on the course at one point and that proved quite popular. We might try for a couple more next year as a result of competitor comments. AB also did some remote broadcasting from different parts of the course.

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (live) -

DJ ZedBoots is in Berlin for a few days. Apparently the hot water is good and the Germans are very well organised!

Nena - Rette Mich -

I hope you watched that video...all keytar players need studded leather gloves in my opinion!

Listening to Ryan Adams' version of 1989 has meant that Spotify has started suggesting I try some of his other songs. This seems like a fair thing...I did...and this one sounded pretty good.

Ryan Adams - Gimme Something Good (ive) -

Last night I watched a documentary about Keith Richards on Netflix called Under The Influence. He's a pretty funny guy who seems under no illusions that he's having a very fortunate life. I'm not sure how his gnarled up hands still manage to play the guitar but the footage with just him and an acoustic shows that he can! It was interesting to hear about the two records that he and Mick loved that basically got the Rolling Stones started (Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry). Well worth a look. I just wish that he'd give up the ciggies. Here's a track from his brand new solo album...

Keith Richards - Trouble -

Suze Demarchi (Baby Animals) has a new album out. It's a solo affair with a ton of guest artists. Thematically, every song is about "home". Look, I love her voice and she's a great singer. This's a little slow, or maybe it's just laid back! Perhaps a good lazy summer afternoon listen.

Suze Demarchi - Home -

And for all you heathens who read that and wondered, "Baby Animals? Who?"...

Baby Animals - Working For The Enemy (live) -

I wonder how long brick and mortar record shops can survive? Yesterday I had a quick trundle around one and walked away empty handed. The financial realist in me said that I could listen to anything I wanted pretty much online and then order a physical copy for a lot less. Add to that the fact that some new releases still aren't in stores here when they've been available for a few weeks and I'm less and less inclined to walk in. The price of vinyl is just silly as well. I do wonder why there were no copies of the new Cold Chisel CD in their area on the rack and just a stack at the checkout...that seems dumb.

Midnight Oil - Know Your Product (live Saints cover) -

Peter Garrett is on a national book launch tour. Personally I wish he'd get back to singing and his version of dancing. 

Yesterday I helped out at a charity fun run for my work. After cycling about 60km in the morning, riding around as the safety bod at the race and then cycling home I managed to rack up almost 110km for the day. Any job that lets me cycle whilst working has to be good! As a result though I was pretty wiped out. There's nothing better sometimes than sitting down to a great live music DVD. Last night it was this...absolutely superb:

Gary Moore with Scott Gorham - Cowboy Song / Boys Are Back In Town -

Here's a guy that's playing locally pretty soon. Ticket prices are insane though. As H remarks, you can buy many full back catalogues for less than a price of a concert ticket. For some bands I'll suck it up and pay the cash but I must admit that the $160 + for Iron Maiden tickets is just too much.

Chris Cornell - Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart -

To finish...a punk version of a great to reveal! It's a hoot and it's also not an easy tune to sing.

Have a great weekend,


Muddy Waters, The Blues Had A Baby & They Named It Rock And Roll, 1977 live recording

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