Friday, November 28, 2014

Song of the Week #325

Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the best party I've ever been to. It was our wedding anniversary. Not a bad innings in this day and age. I'm often genuinely amazed (and thankful) that Alison still wants to hang around with me. It isn't like I'm easy to live with I wouldn't think. The old adage that a true friend is someone who knows all about you and still likes you anyway certainly applies. I met Alison when I was 17.

Elton John - Kiss The Bride -

New bike news; in two words "it's awesome". For those of you interested in the detail, the new ride is a 2014 model Cervelo S2 with a full Ultegra groupset. My old Cervelo was a dream and I'll admit that I was unsure that this would be as good. A week of riding later and I'm convinced. Comfy, fast and good looking. I like it. Top marks to Spearman Cycles in Wollongong not only for a great deal but for the knowing about the long lost art of customer service.

The Smiths - Shoplifters of the World Unite -

Australian AC/DC fans should tune into the ABC's 7:30 Report on Monday evening for an interview with Angus and Brian. In the preview Angus was speaking about the first signs that Malcolm was unwell. It must be incredibly difficult to carry on as a band without him. Remember that they've been doing this together since the early 70s. More AC/DC at the end of this week's episode.

The ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) awards were on this week. What a joke. They imported One Direction and Katy Perry for the show. What does that say about the industry's own view of itself? I can think of plenty of top notch Australian acts that deserve a place over those two. At least One Direction actually performed I suppose. I also learned from credible sources that 5SOS are not a "boy band". I'm sure they don't want to be labelled as such but when you tour supporting One Direction it's kind of a label that's going to stick for a while regardless.

5 Seconds of Summer - Amnesia -

Personally, this is what I think a boy band with guitars should sound like...

silverchair - Israel's Son -

There was more nonsense in the press this week about cyclists paying registration. Yawn. Let me reiterate my points of view very briefly.

  • I commute almost every day on my bike and I also ride it for recreation. Once in a while I even race. I average about 300km a week.
  • I ride a bicycle and I don't break the law. Some cyclists do and they suck.
  • I drive a car and I don't break the law. Some drivers do and they suck.
  • A bicycle will never win an argument with a car or a truck no matter who is in the right.
  • I'm happy to register my bike/s but then I'll actually expect a lane to myself, bike lanes that actually go somewhere, or decent bike paths.
As you no doubt know, the new AC/DC album will be released on December 2nd. The tracks already released sound fantastic. To me AC/DC are more than a band, they are a huge part of my musical DNA. I've been a fan since I was a teenager and that wasn't yesterday. Essentially they play simple, blues based rock. What they do differently to many other bands is that they do it well, don't take themselves too seriously and seem to genuinely be enjoying themselves. With 16 studio albums there's a lot of good material in there. I popped the question on StalkerBook this week as to what some friends' favourite songs were. I was pleasantly surprised. Using their input, here's a top few tracks any rock and roll fan should listen to once in a while. These are in no real order.

  • Hell's Bells - from Back In Black (1980)
    • fabulous intro riff along with the bell. What a great track to open an album.
  • Let There Be Rock - from the album of the same name (1977)
    • a live show staple but this original version probably has the roughest, ripping guitar sound they've ever put on tape.
  • It's A Long Way To The Top - from TNT (1976)
    • the first rock song I ever played live to an audience and of course the best bagpipe solo ever.
  • Sink The Pink - from Fly On The Wall (1985)
    • yeah sure, it's about snooker.
  • Crabsody In Blue - from Let There Be Rock (1977)
    • only appeared on the Australian release, as DJ Broose says, it just highlights Bon's wicked sense of humour
  • Gone Shootin' - from Powerage (1978)
    • my personal favourite from what I think is their best album
  • Big Jack - from Black Ice (2008)
    • a album track that is just pure rock and roll.
  • Whole Lotta Rosie - from Let There Be Rock (1977)
    • plenty of good versions of this one with the album track being nothing short of incendiary. As Brother Laff says; chant with me, "Angus, Angus, Angus!"
Righto. Here's a quiz question for AC/DC fans. No Googling. There are 16 studio albums by the band. Only two aren't named the same as a song title included on that record. What are those two?

This next tune has just turned 50. It speaks for itself really. I'll be over on the Group W bench listening to it. Feel free to join me.

Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant -

That's enough for this week. There are teenage boys playing SingStar in the other room and now would be the moment to have bought those noise cancelling headphones.

Rock on Brothers and Sisters,


"Only the good die young..." Iron Maiden 1988 -

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