Tuesday, November 25, 2014

All the news that's fit (?) to print...

For years now I've been on a constant search for decent news delivered via the Internet.

A while ago I had a really neat page setup using iGoogle. All I had to do was choose a list of topics and iGoogle fed me stuff to read. It was pretty good and not hard to tweak. But, because it was so good it was discontinued.

So, here's what I use and recommend at the moment. You can take my seal of approval with a grain of salt though; just because it works for me doesn't mean it'll be your kind of thing.

  • The Financial Review (www.afr.com).
    • to be honest, unless you're prepared to pay for the subscription this is useless. I'm fortunate in that my employer does this. 
    • The Fin Review is more than just business reporting and has a wide range of fairly well written articles. I particularly like their technology section.
  • The Conversation (http://theconversation.com/au)
    • independent and well written
    • funded by many Australian universities
    • good topical writing and usually well fact checked
    • there's still drivel here but not so much as a commercial news service
  • The Atlantic (http://www.theatlantic.com/)
    • a wide range of interesting and generally well written pieces
    • includes some great longer feature pieces
    • for an American publication it has a decent international focus as well
    • more of a new magazine than a newspaper
  • Zite (app)
    • Zite is a news tool that works a bit like iGoogle did
    • Choose your interests and Zite feeds you stuff
    • Zite also "learns" what you're interested in
    • Sadly, not available as a website but it works on Apple devices, Android and now Windows phones too. Blackberry users...well...move with the times!
  • Canberra Times (canberratimes.com.au)
    • I'm putting this out there because the app is reasonable and there is SOME local content.
    • It isn't great and you get a lot of stuff from the associated Fairfax papers so read critically.
  • ABC News Radio
    • Beats ABC TV news 24 hands down
    • Great content, no nonsense rolling news
    • Also plays programmes from BBC, NPR, Deutsche Welle etc.
    • Well worth a listen

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