Monday, September 29, 2014

Song of the Week #317

Sunday afternoon really isn't the normal time to be writing my weekly load of nonsense. Regular readers will understand that HQ World Wide Woozle has moved locations. The physical move may be less than 1km door to door but the packing, shifting and unpacking is just the same as if it was an interstate relocation. Stop press: we've shifted time now through to Monday afternoon; there was more unpacking to do!

Right then, apart from moving house, three out of four people in the family having new jobs and the cat and dog looking rather nervous it's time to get down to just a couple of tunes.

One of the advantages of the new place is a home for my cassette player. Sadly, not all of my cassettes would ever fit anywhere other than in boxes but with a small three drawer cassette holder we can cycle through a few. There's something pure and almost organic about playing a tape from start to finish. It's not like CD or MP3 where you can skip all over the place. Also I can sit and watch the VU meters jump around! This song was on one of the compilation tapes I found and DJ Al-ee-Sun seemed to like it...

Peter, Paul and Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon -

AC/DC fans were both happy and sad last week. The band have a new album out very shortly and will embark on a world tour as well. But it will be without founder, songwriter and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young. The news is that he is not well enough to be in the band and from what little information is actually available it seems that he never will be. It's a sad thing for such an influential yet low key musician. Early on in my teens when I was developing my love for the band I quickly realised that while Angus provided the flash and showmanship, Malcolm was the part that held the band together. A relentless rhythm; never too much, never in your face and never lacking. His style of just pushing a band along rather than standing out the front screaming "look at me" has always resonated with me. 

There's no doubt that I'll get the new album and I also hope to go to one of the shows. Stevie Young, Angus and Malcolm's nephew will be playing guitar. He did the same for much of the '88 World Tour when Malcolm was unwell so he's hardly new to the band. You couldn't ever accuse AC/DC of not being committed to their music and fans. After the untimely death of Bon Scott and now Malcolm's illness they carry on. That's a work ethic folks.

AC/DC - What's Next To The Moon (1978) -

AC/DC - For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - (1981) -

To add to the pressure of moving house and all that goes with it, I agreed, along with my good friend and partner in crime, DJ AB, to head out to the Scott 24hr Mountain Bike Race on Saturday Night. Our job was to play songs and provide commentary live at the event, and over FM radio from 11pm until 7am. The reality was that we started early and managed to hang on until lack of sleep and a sugar overdoes finally got us at 8:45am. We had a ton of fun choosing songs, talking nonsense and providing updates for the riders, supporters and volunteers. This is the second year that we've had the opportunity to provide this service to the race and we hope to be back next year...maybe with an even longer stint! Apologies to those offended by our 3am skanking through transition but a bit of a dance and a pogo kept us awake! Thanks to DJ Guz for his massive efforts in setting up the FM link and looking after us the whole time.

AB and I took some requests, as well as tweeting and facebooking all night. Being out at Stromlo as the sun came up on a perfect Spring day in Canberra is always a real treat. Here's one of the requests we played that we both enjoyed a lot!

Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind -

As our internet provider hasn't connected either the 'net (aaaarrrggghhh!) or the phone (who really cares) this episode will be short. It is disappointing that even with a couple of weeks notice that they couldn't sort it out and that I had to hang around on hold when we were actually in the throes of moving. This should be remedied, with any luck, during the week and I'll aim to put out a bumper crop of tunes.

Until then, satisfy yourselves with these, let me know if you like them or not...

Madness - Baggy Trousers -

Reel Big Fish - Take On Me -

But now, dear reader, I'm well and truly spent. Time for a nap.

DJ Rob

"Got the word from the Devil,
For what it's worth,
Your killing, fighting...
Cast your spell upon the World,
Send your metal birds,
It's the Devil's curse..." - The Poor, Man of War, 1994.

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