Thursday, September 11, 2014


I like watches. In fact I like them a lot. I've still got the first watch I ever had. We lived in Singapore before I started school and a family friend was a Timex engineer. So I have some kind of prototype. It still works and I probably got it in about 1974.

These days I only have 8 watches that I wear day to day. Oh, and one more if you count the GPS training watch. I don't count it as you couldn't wear it all day.

The idea of a smartwatch appeals to me. But so far the execution by all major players has me holding onto my money. They either look clunky, don't do much, are full of glitches, have poor battery life, aren't waterproof or a combination of those.

I must admit that I waited patiently, hoping that the Apple Watch would be the answer. After all, I quite like my iPhone and a seamless link would be good.

It seems that it isn't to be - yet. To be fair, I'd be unlikely to buy version 1 of anything Apple releases but there are other reasons.

Here's what I think a smartwatch should provide:

  • notifications for email / text messages / social networking (customisable of course)
  • it should be waterproof - duh!
  • it shouldn't look like you've strapped a matchbox to your wrist
  • its own GPS so that you can track your run / ride / swim / walk if that's your thing
  • bluetooth connection
  • cordless charging
  • a battery that lasts at least a whole day - you need to be able to wear it as a normal watch
  • ability to control basic phone functions (answer/reject calls if your'e wearing a headset or going hands free, volume up and down, next music track)
As I said, there are a few out there that almost make the grade...but not quite yet.

DJ Rob
PS: today I'm wearing the annoying Seiko Automatic watch. Annoying because it keeps stopping. Last week I thought it was 3pm and it was home time!

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