Saturday, January 25, 2014

Song of the Week #282

It's been an interesting week. My son (15) is on holiday at the coast with another family. On Monday Angus and his friend went out for a short walk. And they didn't come back. What transpired was that they'd gone along the beach but had been caught out by the tide coming in and had been unable to retrace their steps. The result was that, sans shoes, phones and any water they got lost in the bush for 8 hours trying to get back home. To cut a long story short, after drinking from puddles, getting covered in leaches and cutting their feet to shreds they were found. The family that Angus is on holiday were fabulous and continue to be so we're very lucky there. Although Alison and I didn't know for the whole time he was missing I can assure you that it's a truly horrible feeling. Anyway, he's OK apart from his feet.

The Badloves - Lost -

In exciting news, the band is back for 2014. We're booked in for two Midnight Oil tribute shows on 3rd and 10th of May here in Canberra. Even bigger news is that we're going on the road in the middle of the year to play some tunes for the people of Tingha. There are some big non-Oils gigs as well for 2014 so watch this space. If you want to come to either of the Oils shows then you need to book fairly soon. Last year's performances were sold out. Get some friends and call Teatro Vivaldi's on 02 6257 2718 to reserve a table. I can guarantee no lip sync and no autotune. Just real rock 'n' roll.

Midnight Oil - The Real Thing (live) -

As I was putting the finishing touches to this week's episode Cousin Trish popped up on Facebook with a note about her love of Scottish band Del Amitri. They are definitely one of my favourites as well so it seems like a good idea to play one of their tunes. I feel that they are cruelly underrated and deserved a lot more success than they got. Great guitars and melodies. This is the first track from their 1992 album "Change Everything". Another cassette I wore out.

Del Amitri - Be My Downfall -

Keeping it in the family for a moment, the next tune is for my sister. She's having some issues with stand-over merchant tradesmen...not fun.

The Cruel Sea - Better Get A Lawyer -

Argh! This is turning into the family episode. In the immortal words of John Bird..."I can't see no going back now"! My fantastic daughter Z-boots has had enough of working for the multinational cholesterol, sugar and burger joint starting with M. And she's taken action - getting a job at my favourite coffee shop on the spot and therefore starting tomorrow. Not to mention that DJ Ben-E has been kind enough to train her up as a swimming instructor and she'll be drown proofing kids in a few weeks -that's a great skill set. So, she got a new job and on Thursday she had a haircut...then she made a joke about this song. Z-boots is awesome!

George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Get A Haircut (live) -

Grandad Bill loves cars. A few years ago now his pride and joy, a Mini Cooper S (rescued from Australia, flown to NZ and lovingly restored) was badly damaged on the race track. Bill and his car loving network put it back together over a long period of time and then decided that someone else should have a chance to love it. I've driven said Mini and it was wonderful. Imagine sitting on top of a jet engine and that's the feeling you got. Anyway, the restored and better than perfect Mini was sold. Sadly, it was involved in an accident a couple of weeks ago in the pit lane and Bill was there to see it. Very sad indeed. We're thinking of you Grandad Bill!!

John Fogerty - Hot Rod Heart -

Finally there has been resolution in the great amplifier trade in debacle of 2014. I went to another guitar shop (hello Better Music Canberra) and after a stalled start they got themselves sorted out. A young man (I can say that now that I'm old) called Alec showed me a heap of amplifiers and left me alone to try them out. Then he offered me a great deal on my Marshall. So it's gone and I am now the proud owner of a Mesa/Boogie guitar amp that is loud and that I can lift. If you're interested in amps then shoot me an email or a message via some other platform and I can tell you all about why it is so cool. It's a shame that after 15 years I don't have my name on my amplifier but it's the sound that counts.

John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillen -

To answer last week's quiz question...and only DJ Dr came close...the link between Nightwish, Green Day and The Who is the bass guitar that Marco Hietala is playing in the live clip. It's a "Buzzard" bass which was designed and made famous by John Entwistle of The Who. Click here for a picture.

I'll finish with this next song. Why? Why not. I Was reminded of this excellent track whilst watching "American Horror Story". Weird show but worth watching.

The Ramones - Pinhead -

Back to work shortly...

DJ Rob

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