Friday, October 25, 2013

Song of the Week #269

Every now and then I write other stuff on my blog that isn’t “Song of the Week”. Here’s a link to a little piece titled, “Is Apple on borrowed time?”
The two junior DJs in my house have sent me their Desert Island Disc lists. Thanks to DJ NotSoFatboy for prompting me to ask them. The lists are both good listening and I think the fact that they were happy to share is a great thing. I guess sometimes I wonder if I have any influence on what they listen to. I’m proud to say that they both have quite broad tastes but they know what they like. I do remember them knowing a lot of the lyrics at last year’s Midnight Oil tribute show.
I’ll begin with DJ Bogus. He’s named this way because that’s what the mobile phone predictive text used to turn his real name into. Bogus’ list includes selections from Vance Joy, Rudimental, John Newman, Flux Pavilion and Passenger. There’s a fair bit of dance oriented music in there and given what pumps out of his bedroom I’m not surprised. Here’s a couple with fairly wide appeal.
Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven -
Passenger – Let Her Go -
Personally I think that Bruno Mars ripped off every Sting/Police song there is to come up with that melody but it’s not a bad song. And the song by Passenger reminds me of old school Cat Stevens it’d be my favourite in his list. You can check out all the tunes chosen by DJ Bogus on the blog in the next week or so.
On to DJ Boots and a very different list. It’s eclectic in a way that makes me very, very happy. I guess when the first rock song you used to sing along to is “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” then the signs are good. Boots chose a wonderful selection including The Killers, David Bowie, Taylor Swift, Elbow, Midnight Oil, The Perry Band and Script. Did anyone mention that she has tickets to see Taylor Swift in Sydney and it’s not all that far away? The countdown is well and truly on. Judging from the live footage I’ve seen it should be a fantastic show. I reckon it’s a great choice for a first “big” rock ‘n’ roll outing. Here’s a couple from DJ Boots that I enjoyed too…
Alex Day – Here Comes Trouble -
Elbow – One Day Like This -
DJ Boots chose Alex Day specifically so that you all can hear the trumpet line. The Elbow song is one that she’s singing in a performance. It reminds me of U2 mixed up with Coldplay.
Next week, if I can get it finished, is the Desert Island Disc to end them all. H provided not 12 songs, but 12 albums. Watch this space!
Today I spent $3 and got some fine music. John Lennon’s “Double Fantasy” on vinyl, The Blues Brothers “Made in America” on CD and the 45rpm single of Redgum’s “Caught In The Act”. For no other reason than that I present these next three tunes…
John Lennon – Just Like Starting Over (stripped version) –
Blues Brothers – I Ain’t Got You –
Redgum – Lear Jets over Kulgera –
When I was new to Australia I learned a lot about towns no-one ever hears of by listening to Redgum’s music. It was also another push to the left side of the political spectrum.
The other news from me this week is that, along with DJ AB, DJ HamerTime and DJ Cakes I raced my first criterium race. It was out at the Stromlo track here in the ACT and it was heaps of fun. You certainly have to ride fast right from the start and being at all timid soon sees you being spat out the back of the group. I enjoyed my first experience and learned a lot. I have the fitness to compete (well duh!) but the tactics and accelerations are things I need to work on. Fun times indeed! My legs are very, very tired today.
I was going to finish up with a David Bowie song. I was just in that kind of mood earlier in the day. But then I discovered the song I had chosen was a cover version. I like Bowie’s effort (who doesn’t!) but I found so many different versions I had to track down the first one. So here you go…
The McCoys – Sorrow -
Personally I like The Merseys and the Bowie recordings much better.
The reason I had got around to listening to Sorrow was that I have a recording where Billy Bragg plays it and then segues into another song. Billy surprises me. On his current tour he’s begin releasing his “guilty pleasures” – songs played at soundchecks. This is the first one and I wasn’t expecting anything like this!
Billy Bragg – Desperado -
This next one is very much a song from my childhood, an AM radio hit. I didn’t hear FM radio or have access to it until I was about 15. MTV was around (and playing music rather than what it has become these days) in Australia before FM radio came to the Latrobe Valley!
Charley Pride – Mountain of Love -
Finally, I’ll play a tune for my mate Garry who died a year ago this week. He’s very much missed. I know the last concert he went to was Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at the Royal Albert Hall in London. He’d just lost his job, which he hadn’t been in for long, and was ruing the expense of the ticket. But, the show was terrific and he sent me some photos, video and a t-shirt to mark the occasion. Not long afterwards he anxiety and depression got the better of him and this, along with some other medical issues contributed to the end of his life. Look after your friends folks. This one’s for you my friend…
Tom Petty – You Don’t Know How It Feels -
DJ Rob


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