Friday, December 14, 2012

Song of the Week #225

The working year drew to a close for the majority of people where I work today. I'll be in and out for a bit but I'm glad we've made it to the end. To say that it's been a challenging year would be an understatement.
But, I rode my bike this afternoon and that always puts me in a good mood. Twice up Black Mountain blew any lingering stress out the window. And the rain (not too much) just brought out the smell of the bush around me and made everything look and feel fresh.
This track is laid back and has a great groove. The guitar is extremely tasteful too. In fact the whole band has it locked together tighter than a tight thing. The whole album from a long while back now is a treat but this is my favourite track from it...I think. Lyrics that mean something. Groovy baby.
The Badloves – Green Limousine -
Since I've started in a 90's vibe I'll keep it going for a little bit. This one's for DJ DJ...Alison and I saw this next band with him at the ANU Refectory. DJ DJ's knee had some issues and he ended up lying on the stage at the singer's feet – I'm pretty sure that despite the pain he wished he could stay there. It was a cracker of a gig. I lost my watch in the mosh and Alison lost an earring and some buttons! The band should've gone on to bigger and better things but I guess it wasn't meant to be.
Baby Animals – Early Warning (live) - (if that's not a classic voice for rock'n'roll nothing is)
My brother, DJ SamSpam, came to visit us in the 90's. We got him off the plane or the bus or something and took him straight to see this band. Not sure he'd heard of them before but he seemed to enjoy himself. Grungy pop fun.
Ratcat – Baby Baby -
Later in the 90's this stellar band came out of Melbourne. Fusing reggae, ska and punk rock it was a winning formula for me. Of course they became quite huge and released a swag of good songs but their early stuff had a bite that really resonated with me. Chris' guitar work is fantastic and clearly influenced by Brian Setzer. DJ AB took me out to see these guys not that long ago and they still brought the house down. Again....lyrical content that is more than yeah, yeah, yeah.

The Living End – All Torn Down -
We've had some very exciting text messages from Zoe in Paris. Although it's obviously very cold it sounds like she's having a total blast. I'm really glad even though I'm missing her. She sent us a message from the Eiffel Tower telling us that she'd seen Santa Claus riding around on a motorbike – hilarious! She moves to her host family shortly and stays with them for the remainder of her time away.
Nothing like a few words in French so here we go....
Blondie – Denis -
So Springsteen is coming back to Australia. He hasn't been for a while. I sat and watched as DJ HeyJude tried to get tickets online – what a drama! I hope he announces extra shows so that those who missed out get to go. Me, I'm passing – I like his stuff quite a bit but it's a LOT of money. I'd want him to play's not his but he plays it with conviction. Support your country's troops – bring them home folks.
Bruce Springsteen – War (live) -
DJ Mic raced and finished Ironman Western Australia last weekend. It's a huge achievement and I'm ecstatic that she could join the IM finishers club. We're just waiting to see when she gets the tattoo!! Props to her support crew who went to WA with her as well – nice work!!
Today I sat in our end of year service and the Rev (Paul – he's a great guy) asked us to reflect on things that had mattered to us this year. Things we might not have had time to think about lately. Religion isn't my bag but quite often introspection is so it worked for me. Among all the things that I haven't really thought about for a while with so much going on is my mate Garry who died a while back. I miss the regular email banter, the quick link to a song and his classic anonymous emails to his local paper. I won't play a sad song, but I will play one he'd approve of. Wherever you are my friend, I hope the tunes are good!
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Anything That's Rock 'n' Roll -
DJ Steev did me a great deal on a vinyl Neil Young album this week. It's almost in mint condition. The bass on the first track just hit me when I played it – just so unlike CD it's hard to explain.
Neil Young – Motorcycle Mama -
I think I made a big mistake last week. I spent $10 on a live Rolling Stones DVD. It's a great stage show, great tunes and of course the band are legendary but something is just missing. That and the fact that I could swear there must be guitarists behind a curtain playing for Keith and Ronnie at times because what their hands are doing doesn't match the sound. Anyway, I went back in time thanks to YouTube and watched some live footage from 1970 – much, much better. The lesser sound quality is more than made up for by all the energy and great playing.
The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (live) -
But if there's a band I can't recommend highly enough it's the love child of James Brown, The Rolling Stones and Ike and Tina Turner. Ladies and Gentlemen, I've said it before and I'll carry on until I'm blue in the face; you must listen to Vintage Trouble. Here they are ripping it up on US television a week yourself a favour.
Vintage Trouble – Blues Hand Me Down -
That's probably enough for one week. With Christmas coming don't forget those less fortunate that you might be...
DJ Rob

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