Friday, December 7, 2012

Song of the Week #224

Ever had a week where you feel you missed out on something special? I just did. But then, on reflection there were some pretty good things that happened as well so I'll do my best to focus on the positives.
Music generally picks me up when I'm done. It fuels my soul, makes my foot tap and my fingers tingle. I know which songs work. And so this week I present to you some tunes that are good for my mental health.
First thing in the morning I like to clamp my Marley cans around my head and listen to music while I eat my (dietician approved) breakfast, check my mail and catch up on all that's happened overnight on my news feeds and Twitter. Can I say here that as an aside, breakfast is by far the best meal of the day for me. It can be relatively filling and tasty compared to anything else. DJ BenEe introduced me to lemon polenta porridge. It sounds awful but it's not bad at all. Anyway, if I'm heading out for a morning ride (cycling) then I like to listen to either one of these tunes in the breakfast mix. They wake me up, get my heart started and sharpen my senses so that I can push those chain rings hard.
D.A.D. – Jihad - (from an album that mixes surf guitar twang with hard rock – a great listen and my favourite Danish band!)
Jim Steinman – Love, Death & an American Guitar - (not really a song but pretty cool)
I have a cool old ghetto blaster on my desk that no-one wanted. It's got twin tape decks, a single CD, 3 band tuner (long wave baby) and a pretty decent set of speakers. With a small graphic eq and a bass booster as well I think it's the ducks guts. My workday tunes are usually reserved for the beginning or the end of the day – I need to concentrate usually. But this week I've needed songs to keep me going and these two have featured quite a bit.
Spy vs Spy – Hard Times - (Australian rock with a conscience)
U2 – Jesus Christ - (written by Woody Guthrie)

The other time I get to crank up some tunes is if everyone is out and I'm cooking dinner. At these times it's rock and roll and air guitar!
Cinderella – Gypsy Road -
Vintage Trouble – Blues Hand Me Down -
Thanks to everyone who contacted me last week after my Led Zeppelin comments. The "UnLedded" stuff that I listened too was not bad. DJ AlBundy came through with this track though and it's ace. The intro is almost like Stevie Wonder and then Led Zep kick in. Give it a spin.
Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot -
Last night to get my mojo back I had some of Grandma's rhubarb, walked the dog with DJ GotAPromotion and then threw my favourite ever live music DVD on to play. It always puts me in a good mood. Here's two tracks that you might like. I spent maybe $15 on this DVD in money I've ever spent on music.
Steve Earle and the Dukes – Guitar Town - ("with my back to the riser I make my stand" – great lyric)
Steve Earle and the Dukes – Sweet Little '66 - (always reminds me of DJ DUG and his cool car!)
There you go – let me know what songs lift you up...
And if you're a Johnny Cash fan you won't want to let this pass you by: I'm not sure my family could cope.
Zoe flies out to France on Monday so next week will probably be all sad songs!
Au revoir,
DJ Rob

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