Friday, August 24, 2012

Song of the Week #209

In the next few weeks I'll be posting a special episode of Song of the Week. And I'd like your input.
DJ FatHenry suggested that I put together a group of some favourite cover versions selected by you, the audience. So get your thinking hats on and send me some email! We're looking for cover versions that rock your socks. The only caveat is that they can't have been recorded for a tribute album. We want songs that bands covered because they thought it was cool.
Angus' rugby team is in the semi-finals tomorrow. It promises to be a tough, muddy and bruising affair. All I can say is that I hope that the boys enjoy themselves and that the fans stick with the spirit of the game remembering that it is kids football. We're still waiting for Zoe to start her McJob but it can't be far away. The new 'restaurant' is quite near our house and it looks almost finished.
But the news of the week for me was that US cyclist Lance Armstrong would not continue to fight charges that he had doped. Before I start let me be clear that I am very much an Armstrong fan. But my eyes aren't closed. Lance has said that he won't fight the charges for a number of reasons. Among these are the toll it is taking on him and his family – that's a fair call. Armstrong continues to push the point that he has never tested positive for a banned substance. I'd really like him just to say he never cheated. And the talk of the USADA stripping him of his seven Tour de France titles is a joke. The last time I looked, the USADA wasn't running Le Tour. This has all the hallmarks of a witch hunt and it is terrible for cycling. I'll continue to support Lance Armstrong and his fight against the scourge of cancer. And if he is now allowed to continue with his quest to win the Hawaii Ironman I'll be cheering, loudly.
This leads me to this song. Hope you understand the link.
The Soundwave festival is coming to Australia again. With bands like Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer it should be huge. But this next band are also on the bill and if you're going I'd heartily recommend them. This track has an insistent and urgent riff combined with some great lyrics. Great rock and roll.
Apaprently Avril Lavigne is now engaged to Chad from Nickelback. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I saw a picture where Chad was saying to Avril, "would you like to hear my new song?" Her response was "no". To be fair, I thought she had a couple of good songs but this version of one of her hits is a cracker. Nickelback will never get an airing from me.
Winter is almost over although with snow here in Canberra as well as rain and grey skies you wouldn't know it. Here's a song to warm you up. I loved it when it came out back in the 90's and it still goes around on the iDevice on a regular basis. One of the only bands with a drum machine that are worth listening to.
I'm still studying at university. But the recent group work assignment being conducted online is doing my head in. I hate group work. I'm still scarred by the moron that sabotaged a presentation when I was doing my teaching qualification. I can't wait for this bit to be over. In fairness the topic is really interesting – it's a unit on negotiation (the workplace kind not the hostage type) but I'd be happier working on it by myself. This song doesn't really relate but it's cool.
I really wasn't sure about including this next song. I love the band, the guitar riff is awesome and the voice fits. But the subject matter is a bit unpleasant. Then I got to thinking. Why is it unacceptable to sing about death, serial killers and the like when society devours books and TV shows about those subjects? Slayer aren't advocating being a body snatcher any more than the team on Law and Order SVU are wanting the viewers to be child molesters. Think about it. Anyway, Slayer are one of the biggest metal bands ever – I can't listen to them all the time but when the mood takes me they are great to turn up loud – especially when mountain biking!
This week the kids were watching one of those absolutely terrible talent shows. Was it X-Factor, The Voice or Australia's Got No Talent? I'm not sure but I must admit that I heard a couple of singers on there that could actually hold a tune. It's a shame they plan to take them and create a boy or girl group. Yuk. One guy sang this next song. Now, he did a good job but I was moved to go back and listen to the original. I chose this live version not because the video aspect is incorrect (I hate that) but because it showcases a wonderfully smooth voice. No auto-tune trickery here folks.
Shall I say anything about the impending elections in the USA. Well I guess if you're not interested then you can just self-censor and move to the next paragraph! At the moment I'm not caring much for Obama or Romney. As one of my Facebook friends so succinctly put it – "The truth is, it doesn't matter who you vote for, until these morons work together it will NEVER work." Here's a couple of tunes.
Why is that in the USA you can carry a gun in public but not say f*** on the telly?
I read in the news that a burglar broke into rapper and actor LL Cool J's house. You might know him from NCIS Los Angeles. However, the story goes that LL confronted the thief and the criminal now has a broken nose, ribs and jaw. I'm not advocating violence but the burglar certainly chose the wrong house to target. This song from 1995 is almost prophetic!
To finish off let me give a huge shout out to regular contributor DJ KelC. She's competing in Ironman Canada on Sunday. Have a great day!! Here's a song for you.
Good night,
DJ Rob

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