Friday, August 17, 2012

Song of the Week #208

Sigh. I'm a bit sad. No-one guessed my theme last week. DJ MillerTime was close though.

All the songs had a "black" theme: Johnny Cash is the Man In Black, Metallica were covering Black Sabbath, The Dollyrots are on Blackheart Records and the rest had "black" in the song title.
I played Depeche Mode doing Route 66. It's a great version and there is an alternate as well that is quite different and worth a listen. Along the way I found another couple of versions that I'll share with you. My brother used to collect versions of "Johnny B. Goode", maybe I'm falling into the same trap.
Dr Feelgood – Route 66 (1975) -
The Strypes – Route 66 (2012) -
The Cramps do a pretty interesting cover of that tune as well but I thought I'd mix it up a bit and play something else by them. Interesting band, I need to listen to a LOT more of their stuff. Jangly guitars, col costumes. Surf music meets punk with a serious twist of weird. Any band whose best known song is called "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" has to be cool.
The Cramps – Ultra Twist -
I caught the bus to work today. It was pouring and I'm really not keen on riding my motorbike in the rain for a number of reasons. Last night I had checked out the latest live Iron Maiden DVD filmed in South America. It seems that if you want to go to a show where the crowd goes absolutely nuts then that's the place to be. Anyway, I looked at the tracklisting and noticed that there was a healthy amount of their newer stuff – not the standard set that you might expect. I'd listened to their latest couple of albums casually but never really got into them. After that DVD I quickly loaded them onto my phone and listened all the way to work – very cool indeed. How did I miss that? I'll tell you how; by being one of those "I like your old stuff better than your new stuff" bores. Lesson learned.
Iron Maiden – Blood Brothers (live in Santiago) – Blood Brothers -
After headbanging all the way to work (I have some cool new headphones by a company called Marley and they are the bomb) I had David Bowie's Reality Tour DVD playing in the background most of the day. I had been thinking about the TV show "Life On Mars" and that pointed me in the direction of the Bowie song. While it is a great song and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain do a magnificent version I prefer this tune.
David Bowie – The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell -
Speaking of ukuleles as we were...this is the most famous exponent of the ukulele banjo. A classic from 1937 and one I grew up listening to. Can't  believe that I know the words off by heart!!
George Formby – Leaning On A Lamp -
I was amused to hear one of our federal politicians accusing the Leader of the Opposition of saying he would sell anything but his "arse" to be the PM in the Parliament. One of those moments you couldn't script! I'm not sure I can find an appropriate song to go with a comment like that one. Maybe Father Jack can have the final word... If you don't know who Father Jack is then you haven't lived. Search out the TV comedy "Father Ted".
I really think that NASA should've landed on Mars before or after the Olympics. The media coverage of this event wasn't all that inspiring. But Mars doesn't really need NASA, it needs guitars.
Hoodoogurus – Death Defying -
It's a big weekend of sport here with Angus both refereeing and playing rugby (not at once) followed by a trip to see GWS losers play Melbourne losers in Australian Football. I was conned into that one! And of course tomorrow night we've got the Waratahs, oops,  Australia lining up against the All Blacks in the rugby. Not sure I can watch that one. ZoĆ«'s here knitting furiously for charity which is pretty cool. She worked out this week that she knits left handed.
Here's an amusing song with a cracker of a film clip. While we're on the subject of Mars, planets, space....sort of. There's a word that has been muted out in the clip. Yawn. Nanny state again!
Monster Magnet – Space Lord -
See you next week,
DJ Rob

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