Friday, December 16, 2011

Song of the Week #173

Hi folks.  Today’s installment marks the end of the school year for me. Well almost!

If you think teachers are lucky to have so many holidays then feel free to apply for a job. But I will admit that it will be a pretty good feeling to walk away for a few weeks.

In Proud Dad moments, Angus received an award for outstanding academic achievement for Social Science. I am so proud of him that I could burst. He’s done well enough to be moved up to the top level for 2012. On Monday night we’ll all be going along to the school presentation night to find out which award Zoë has won. What’s really great is that they are quite proud of each other.

I’m looking forward to a lot of things in my break but none more so than meeting my nephew Finn. He lives in NZ and the last time I saw him he was a lump growing inside his Mum. Angus tells me that Finn is awesome and he seems to be a reasonable judge of character.

But we should get on with some music before you all fall asleep.

Oasis aren’t one of my favourite bands. The hype and nonsense that surrounded them left me cold. But, when it comes to writing a catchy tune there’s no doubt that they had the knack. They were on TV here a few nights ago and I’ve watched a bit of it. While they still come across as twits this is a great tune. There are so many obvious nods to their influences but it always sounds like Oasis. That’s the point I suppose.

This week I was reminded just how good Deep Purple was. It doesn’t really matter but I happened to be having a conversation with Summernats Mogul Chic Henry and he was telling me how and why he loved the band. Chic had an awesome range of knowledge about guitar bands and was interesting to talk to. I didn’t think it was the time and place to thank him for Summernats hooligans destroying trees at my place on more than one occasion! This is my favourite track from Deep Purple. I had it on cassette for ages and the cassette body squeaked so much that you had to turn it up quite loud to drown it out!

There’s been precious little worth watching on TV of late. But what I have stumbled upon are some re-runs of the classic British comedy, Dad’s Army. Even after all these years it is still side splitting humour. Check it out sometime and enjoy a time when comedy didn’t equal profanity.

Uh oh, all the music (and TV) has been British so far.  Nothing like a thematic approach to get me thinking! This next band have a fantastic name and that’s what made me check them out in the first place.  See what you think…

Before I head out the door can you indulge me with a cheesy song of the cheesiest variety? And yes, it’s British again. Turn this one up, slap on your Walkman and look for some rollerskates…

Song of the Week will keep going during the school break but this email system will be down for maintenance from 24 Dec– 8 Jan. You can always check out the tunes here on the blog.+

DJ Rob

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