Friday, September 16, 2011

Song of the Week #160

Like most of North Canberra I was woken up last night by a series of loud explosions. They were big, deep thumps and they reminded me of the time I was in Townsville and there was an artillery demonstration. It was LOUD.

The Searchers – Sugar and Spice

This week there was a rerun of Austin Powers on the telly. I love those movies. There are so many jokes you miss the first time around and Mike Myers has a wicked sense of humour. Here’s Austin, Felicity, Elvis and Burt.

Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again

Some days I struggle to get quality listening time in. You can’t listen to tunes riding a scooter! Last night Alison was out schmoozing with the well-heeled and powerful and the kids were both snoring so I threw in a classic movie while I did some ironing. You just can’t go past Purple Rain. Of course Prince is great but the rival band in the film are pretty groovy as well. Check them out.

The Time - Chocolate

One of the fun things about writing about music is that every now and then I’m asked if I’ve heard an artist or track. If I can make an informed comment that’s cool but even better is if I say, “no”, and then have my mind blown when I check whatever the song might be. That happened this week. I was going through some music that DJ E17 had sent me and I came across some tunes from this next character. Wow. After a bit of research I’m not sure how I missed him earlier on… Strap yourself in.

Jack Kerouac – American Haiku

Those listening experiences lead to me spending money buying books and then onto this next artist. Once I got past guffawing at his accent my interest was well and truly held…

John Cooper Clarke – I Don’t Wanna Be Nice

Insult was added to injury during the week as I made an interesting discovery at home. The controller for the Playstation wasn’t just misplaced as I had thought. It now seems obvious that it was nicked during the burglary earlier in the year. The funniest thing is that the actual Playstation and all the games weren’t touched. In this type of situation eBay is your friend.

Weird Al Yankovic - Ebay – finally something good came out of the Backstreet Boys.

Last Saturday night the ABC music TV show “rage” played some classic Aussie rock. Just because something is popular, played on commercial radio and loved by bogans doesn’t make it bad. Turn this up and channel your inner mullet.

Jimmy Barnes – Working Class Man (this is a cracker of a film clip!)

And just before I finish here’s a bit of a whinge. Channel 9; you suck. Your coverage of the Rugby World Cup so far has been dreadful. No Opening Ceremony. Games shown late at night, not live, if they are shown at all. And then there’s the DELAYED coverage coming up of Australia’s next match due to some insignificant Rugby League match. You’ve got more than one channel at your disposal, use it. Why is it that only the SBS seem to be able to cover sport on TV with any amount of credibility?

Don’t forget the Muppets are coming to a cinema near you in about November. I know I’ll be there. Here’s the latest version of their theme song.

OK Go and The Muppets – Muppets Theme Song

Enough for one week? I think so.

DJ Rob

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