Friday, September 9, 2011

Song of the Week #159

This week, for the first time in ages, I saw a Canberra crowd at a live gig get excited. Usually there are a few energetic souls surrounded by legions of the folded arm brigade. DJ Q-Roo and I were at the ANU watching the Living End rip up the stage. They were bloody good. But that was expected. Living End also played an absolutely awesome cover version – I hope they record it – but here’s the original:

Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Susie

And here’s the Living End…

The Living End – Second Solution (live)

The Living End had two support bands. One was awesome and really, the other sounded like they should still be in the garage. Maybe it was my aging ears but I like to think I have a fairly eclectic taste in music. The really good one was King Cannons. I’ve played them before and the free CD they gave away has been going non-stop in my office. Here’s a video they released this week!

King Cannons – Stand Right Up

I tell you, those guys with all the tattoos must have a really high pain threshold (and wads of cash)!

King Cannons are originally from NZ and the quick chat I had with their guitarist on Wednesday night confirmed that – thick accent! I spent some time later on checking out some New Zealand bands I wasn’t aware of. Here’s a couple that I hope you like and as always, feel free to recommend others.

The Valves - Sirens

Dukes – Self Control (this is a GREAT video clip)

We Are Romans – Draw The Lines

Just quietly it looks to me like the Kiwis have left the sheep alone just long enough to churn out some fabulous tunes!

We’ll just stay in Aotearoa for one more moment. If you don’t know what either a “haka” or a “flash mob” is then it’s probably high time you found out. This is both in one and is pretty cool.

Flash Mob Haka

Of course the Rugby World Cup starts this weekend in New Zealand. Angus is lucky enough to be going to two games courtesy of Grandma International Travel and Sports! He’ll see Australia play the USA and Argentina take on Scotland. Half his luck! Without pay TV here in Australia you only get to see the matches that the Wallabies are playing in. Booooooo. And a big shout out to the Uni-North Owls U13 Rugby boys who won the Grand Final last week!

In other news, ZoĆ« is busily blogging and also writing her application to be considered as School Captain. I’m really proud of both my kids, can you tell?!

To finish off, something different. Put on your flares…

Bee Gees – Jive Talking


DJ Rob

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