Friday, October 22, 2010

Song of the Week #113

Another week has just flown by and here we are again.

Thanks for the comments on last week’s selection. I was amused that a couple of people didn’t realise that “From Little Things (Big Things Grow)” was anything more than the jingle from an insurance TV ad!

I took delivery of two VERY exciting parcels this week. The first was the shirt I have had printed up to wear on the run leg (42km) of Ironman. I contacted the Amy Gillett Foundation, who I support, to see if I could put their logo on the shirt and they agreed which was cool. Please check out their work at .

The second package was just fantastic. AC/DC released a boxset a while ago called “Backtracks”. But there is a special deluxe collector’s edition that I was really keen on. Unfortunately I wasn’t keen on the price. So I was pretty pleased when I got an email offering it at almost half-price and with free shipping from the USA. I pounced and it has arrived. So, there are 3 CDs of rare stuff, b-sides and live tracks. 2 DVDs, an LP (remember them?), a huge coffee table book of photos and posters, stickers, badges and flyers. To top it off, the whole lot comes boxed in a working guitar amplifier. Fabulous.

I will admit that I hadn’t paid much attention to the actual track listing as I thought it was always going to be too expensive. So I was pretty impressed to see this song live on one of the DVDs. It was quite a shock as AC/DC’s live sets tend to be pretty static and I didn’t know they were playing this one. Brian is singing and his voice is shot but this is the best track from the best AC/DC album. From 1978’s Powerage album….

AC/DC – Next To The Moon (live):

I guess there weren’t many other surprises in the set, it is all great stuff, but I had never seen this version of this clip. Everyone has seen the one on the back of the truck and this is obviously filmed in the same session. Anyway, I’ll play it because it is a bit of a curio, and because it rocks! How cool are Mal’s jeans??

AC/DC – Long Way To The Top (alternate clip):

Is that enough hard rock for y’all yet? OK, fair enough.

In other happenings, the scooter is finally all fixed up. And to top it all off the insurance company rang today to advise us that we don’t have to pay a cent. Pretty happy with that long and protracted outcome. Luckily the weather is great for scooter riding just now although a magpie did swoop and hit me this morning. With that big orange helmet on all I could do was giggle.

The good thing about finally getting into my new office is that my toys have come out of boxes and are now back on display. There’s only a few (4 shelves worth!) but I reckon it is fair enough given the amount of time I spend there. And usually they are great conversation pieces. If I could work out how to get the 250 odd GI Joes and Action Men that are in boxes in the garage to fit in here that would be great. I think I’ll need a rotation system! One of my favourites is an Action Man West Ham Footballer. I don’t support them but my good mate DJ LarryTLemur does. Here’s a song I know he’d like to hear:

ZZ Top – I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide:

I’ll admit that I heard this song on a TV advertisement for “Glee”. But it is a cool song so I’ll play the original.

Billy Joel – Only The Good Die Young:

I know a lot of people who sneer and /or smirk when Billy Joel is played. In my opinion he has written some great songs, has a great voice and is a great live entertainer. Can he help it if he is popular?

My good friend MC Randwick is having a significant birthday today. This next song is for him…

This week’s featured song is a follow on sort of. “From Little Things (Big Things Grow)” made me think of this next track. In about 1993 I bought a really, really nice Washburn copy of a Gibson ES335 guitar (like Chuck Berry plays). It was fantastic and I am sad to this day that I sold it later on. At about the same time I got a copy of the album that this song is on. The guitar suited this song perfectly. Of course, I’ve never seen or played another similar guitar that was any good. I’ll keep looking. But the song is a beauty. The singing, lyrics and guitar work are sublime. Now, I can only find a live version on YouTube but it is OK, it’s pretty good too.

Archie Roach – From Paradise:

Sleep is the key to most things.

DJ Rob

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