Friday, October 15, 2010

Song of the Week #112

Far out, have I only been back at work for a week?? It feels like a lot longer! I was so used to getting up and clothed to train that getting back into the swing of wearing work clothes has been a challenge! Also, my nanna naps in the middle of the day have gone by the wayside!

Firstly, if you (on the blogsite) scroll down to episode 110, you may notice that the YouTube links are gone. Someone, somewhere complained to the good folks at blogspot that something in my post was infringing someone's copyright. And that is all the data I have. I removed the links. What a farce. In the end I'm providing a little free advertising for the artists I plug here. Anyway, on with the show.

I've started running this week. It beats walking by a long way but who knows what my achilles will cope with. Fingers crossed that I get to run at least some of the time prior to Ironman!

DJ KelC recommended a couple of tunes. This one is pretty cool and I already had this band on my list to check out. So here we go:

Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel:

She also recommended this next one which I cannot believe I haven't featured yet. Previewing it here both of my kids are singing along - pretty neat. If you walk through Reconciliation Place in Canberra this song plays quietly. One of my favourite public places. The lyrics are important, and this link has them for you to read if you have a minute.

The Waifs and John Butler - From Little Things Big Things Grow:

After last week's post I reflected on what makes a successful songwriter. For me it is really the ability to put thoughts into a song that makes people feel the way you want them to. This track always makes me want to jump around the house and play air guitar as well as singing along with my "angry young man" face on. Guess old Neil got it right. Thanks to MC Fatboy for reminding me what a great tune it is.

Neil Young and Pearl Jam - Rockin' In The Free World:

Last week's Daniel Johnston track led me to thinking about Spike Milligan for some reason. I love that it apparently has "I told you I was ill" written on his grave. If you have kids then "Badjelly The Witch" by Spike is one of the best books ever. And the CD of him reading it is hilarious. I did NOT like him in The Goons...I tried but I just have too much trouble working out what the hell he is saying! But, if you pick up one of his books about his time in WWII you will not be disappointed. They are a complete riot. Mental health issues are the link between Daniel and Spike if you hadn't worked that out.

I read a comment this morning laughing at Al Gore's claim to have invented the internet. It reminded me that his wife Tipper Gore and her organisation the PMRC made sure in the 80's that hard rock and metal was the musical diet of choice for so many teenagers. After all, if adults hated it that much....! This track has one of my favourite lines, "Tipper led the war against the record industry, she said she saw the devil on the MTV". Rock on.

Cinderella - Shelter Me:

How many other musicians did you pick in that clip? Hopefully a few including Dweezil Zappa and Little Richard.

So, Little Richard...what a voice. I'll close this week with him doing a great cover along with the American band Fishbone. I first heard this version on the Folkways tribute album to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly. If I could only keep one album from my whole collection that would be it.

Little Richard - Rock Island Line:

Eat your greens.

DJ Rob

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