Friday, December 25, 2009

Song of the Week - Episode 70

Merry Christmas everyone! This is Song of the Week #70 and it is Christmas Day!

In amusing news, Angus lost his watch a while ago. Sometime this week, I heard a beeping in the lounge room and assumed it was coming from the missing timepiece. I searched high and low, listening carefully on the hour for the beep. This morning when I unwrapped a gift the beeping was a watch for me. I had been a source of constant amusement to my family all week!!

Here’s a song about time:

Anthrax – Got The Time:

Here’s a track from the CD that Angus got for Xmas (his request):

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody:

And it seems only fair that we play one from a CD that Zoƫ got:

Taylor Swift – Love Story:

This next one is from a CD my Dad gave me for Xmas – the latest from Mark Knopfler called Get Lucky – one of the greatest guitarists. The song is written for his uncle who was a Piper who died in WWII aged 20.

Mark Knopfler – Piper To The End:

My Brother indulged my Johnny Cash obsession this Xmas by giving me the new version of the Folsom Prison concerts. There are two live concert CDs and an excellent documentary. Johnny Cash is one of those singers I never tire of and come back to on a regular basis. His music has that special knack of always having something to say that is worth listening to.

Johnny Cash – I Got Stripes:

Santa Claus has been around for a very long time and he continues to live in the hearts of people around the world every year. Folks, to quote Arlo Guthrie, “it’s a movement”. Santa is fun; the look of sheer delight in children’s faces when they see him is immeasurable. I remember my first Xmas as a parent and how much joy Santa brought me and continues to do so although I am in no doubt that my kids know it is me! Go with the flow people, let me have my fun and please don’t feel the need to discuss whether he exists or not at a party in front of my 11 year old.

This week’s song therefore is for three reasons. 1 – I was annoyed, 2 – Santa was sighted, 3 – it is on one of Alison’s Xmas CDs!

Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn – I See Red:

Of course, if you like that song then check out the original version by one of New Zealand’s best ever bands – Split Enz.

RIP Alphonse.

Merry Christmas,
DJ Rob

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  1. Hi Woozle. I'm right there with you on the Johnny Cash. I don't listen to country music, but I listen to JC. He can take any song and make it his own. I got hooked on him with "American Recordings". Local alt rock radio station was playing "Delia" and I couldn't figure out why an alt band was trying to sound like JC? 3 days later who comes on alternative nation on mtv, but the man in black singin' that song. Went out and bought the cd the next day. Pawned my 9mm a few years later to buy tickets to see him. Never got the gun back, but it was worth it:-)