Friday, December 11, 2009

Song of the Week - Episode 68

This week’s collection is a bit random. I was toying with a couple of themes but they didn’t amount to much in the end. So really this is just a bit of a random playlist of tunes you might enjoy.

Here’s a song I never expected to like. I ran a radio station when I was at High School. It was a once a week “broadcast” and this next performer was just huge. I disliked his songs greatly at the time but then this one came along. I have no idea why I like it but I still have it on a 45 and it’s a great tune:

John Farnham – Two Strong Hearts:

At our place, both the kids are addicted to the TV show “Glee”. What I like about it is the songs they choose to cover – usually great tracks from the 80’s. I’d forgotten about this one:

Salt n’ Pepa – Push It:

One of the theme’s I was going to choose was Australian songs with bagpipes. Why? Well why not. I like bagpipes although my attempt to learn to play them wasn’t successful – it was very difficult so I regressed back into rock’n’roll!!

AC/DC – It’s A Long Way To The Top:
The Church – Under The Milky Way:

And then I thought I’d put some of the songs that have kept me going with my run training for this weekend’s ½ Ironman but it was a bit hard to decide on as I usually have the iPod on shuffle! Here’s a couple I tend to play over and over as the beat is about right for my slow pace:

Everclear – Volvo Driving Soccer Mom: (not if you’re easily offended)
Simon and Garfunkel - Me and Julio down by the schoolyard:

And so, dear friends, here we are at the end of the school year. I’m fairly sure that Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” has been played before by me so I’ll leave it to one side! This week’s featured track comes from a band I was lucky enough to see in concert. Once at the ANU and then later on at the Royal Theatre which was a much bigger venue. The first time I saw Yothu Yindi was just after “Treaty” had been released. Between the support band and Yothu Yindi the crowd was asked to sit on the floor as school kids from the Top End would perform for them but were a little nervous. Everyone sat and the kids were fabulous.

Yothu Yindi – Tribal Voice:

See you all next week assuming I survive Sunday’s race.

DJ Rob

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