Monday, September 14, 2009

“The Irate Intern” – 50km mountain bike race

Mogo, NSW 13 September 2009

It seemed like such a good idea all those months and months ago when AB and I entered this race. In retrospect, it probably was, but a range of circumstances made this race less than perfect for me.

I’m not whinging but a week off with the flu followed closely by almost 2 weeks of constant physio as the result of a crook back was hardly ideal preparation.

Anyway, on Saturday we headed down to the coast. After registering for the race we headed back to our hotel and did not too much. Bateman’s Bay Soldiers Club provided an excellent pre-race meal although we will never return there again. Their failure to agree to show the Collingwood vs. Adelaide match on any of their one million TV sets did not endear them to quite a few people!

Race Day – an easy wake up as we didn’t have to be there until about 9am. Great coffee and raisin toast at the only café that we could find open on a Sunday morning.

And then it was off to the race. AB started in the second group due to his time estimate – and he did well – a very good result.

My race (ride) was less than spectacular. I was quite worried about my back and to tell the truth, if I hadn’t paid the entry previously I may have pulled out. Anyway, I started towards the back and steadily picked my way through struggling riders. I have NEVER ridden such a hilly course. I reckon they looked at a map and made us go up every hill possible!! My pre-race plan of having a good stretch every 5km was working well and I was enjoying the scenery and chatting to other riders. After about 15km of feeling great my back started to niggle. More stretching helped but the ache was constant. I was NOT happy but after about 5 more kilometres I decided that it was time to stop. One of the course marshals directed me down a fire trail and I did the lonely and grumpy ride back to the event centre. What they didn’t tell me was that is was almost 10km on the road…

Do I regret my decision? No, I am still walking and my back isn’t sore this morning. Will I go back better prepared and ride again? Definitely.

Thanks to my supporters, “AB transport and motivation” and the "WMGS".

At least Collingwood won!!

Pictured: AB hydrating pre-race!

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