Sunday, February 26, 2017

World Wide Woozle episode #414

Well that was an interesting week.

On Sunday I went cycling with a new group. About 25km into a 125km ride I got a puncture. Boring but it happens. What I didn't expect was that both my replacement tubes would be useless - the valves came out! I was left sitting on the side of the road waiting for Angus to come and pick me up. When I got home another tube did the same. I then went to the bike shop, got new tubes (a different brand) and kept riding. That sucked a lot but it was a doddle compared to what was in store.

Robben Ford - Born Under A Bad Sign -

On Monday morning Mick and I headed out for a leisurely pre-work ride. All was going well until I mentioned that we should take the path to the right. My communication skills were lacking however as I meant the next right turn, not the one we were at. Mick turned and I didn't and as a result I hit the ground hard smashing my hip and head into the concrete. After losing sight for a minute I decided it was time to get up and get off the path at least. Unfortunately my legs didn't agree - I couldn't move them and so I was stuck. I could certainly feel them though so that was a plus! To cut a long story short, Mick was awesome and looked after me, organised an ambulance, called Alison and kept the morning joggers at bay. I had a ride in the ambulance, the green whistle, a million x-rays and great treatment at the hospital. Eventually it was decided that I had no broken bones and that I could leave if I could bear my own weight. Stupidly I gritted my teeth hard and shuffled a few steps. Getting back to the car was hilarious with me dressed in a hospital gown with blood on it, shuffling in agony through the premises. Alison is sure that people thought I was making an escape bid. Well that was Monday and I'm still walking with a cane on Sunday. My right leg seems to have recovered but the left will take longer. It's boring and I must apologise to my family. Hopefully I'll be back to riding sometime during the week but I'm doing my best to be sensible. Oh, and for those of you who don't wear bike would've regretted it if you were me. Low speed crash on a bike path and I whacked my head really, really hard. I can't imagine the damage I could've done without the helmet.

Real Life - Catch Me I'm Falling -

DJ Zed-boots is all setup and ready for classes to start. It won't be long until she graduates and is off into the wide blue yonder in an ambulance (for all the right reasons unlike her Father). I'm super-proud that she did so well in her year of Engineering even though it turned out to be not for her. Achieving great marks in something you really don't like all that much is amazing. Meanwhile, at home, debate rages about what we can repurpose her room as. Ha ha!

Jebediah - Leaving Home (live JJJ) -

The band (without me) is doing another run of the Billy Joel / Elton John show that sold out on New Year's Eve. If you're interested then it's on March 4th at Vivaldi's and should be a great show. I might pop in and Tim with the sound if I can stand up for that long by the weekend.

Billy Joel - Prelude/Angry Young Man (live Shea Stadium) -

It's funny you know, I have a huge number of CDs but I can happily walk around the music shop and I know what I don't have and I can also usually put my hands on what I'm looking for at home. Until last week I was in the mood for a certain album so I went to the CD shelves to pull it out and it wasn't there....huh? I looked everywhere. And then I looked again. And again. It still wasn't there. Oh dear, either my mind is going or I've actually loaned it out (which seems very unlikely). So I cued it up on Spotify and went to the internets to look for a copy. What I discovered was far too much information on which version or pressing or edition is the one to buy. Seriously, it's just a rock album. I may close my eyes and point at the screen to choose. Sometimes too much information is just that; too much.

Judas Priest - Delivering The Goods -

The next track is brand new; released on 23/2. Luke Yeoward was the singer for an amazing NZ/AUS band called King Cannons. I've no idea why they split up but it's a travesty. Anyway, Luke crowd funded his forthcoming album and here's the first single. He has a great voice and if this is half as good as King Cannons it will be amazing.

Luke Yeoward - Ghosts -

And now, it's time for more pain relief and a nap. Catch you all on the flipside. This is cool and sad all at once...see what you think. Click here


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