Sunday, January 17, 2016

World Wide Woozle #386

David Bowie; The Goblin King, is dead. Long live the King.

When news of the great man's death was announced I was ready to write a whole lot about him. I'm not sure that I expected the media to be so focused, reverential and comprehensive in regards to him. As a result, I think that I'll keep it brief and personal. Bowie matters to me because he matters for some of my closest friends. I can think of four people, all regular readers here, who gently brought me around to David Bowie's music and it's almost wild eclecticism. Bowie leaves us with 25 solo albums to choose from and the rock, soul, electronic and pop gems contained within are plentiful. His 2010 live concert video "A Reality Tour" is the one that hooked me in. The songs, the energy, Gail Ann Dorsey on bass and a fifty-something year old Bowie singing and playing like there was no tomorrow. It's a cliche, but for me this setlist, and it's a long one at over two and a half hours, is a tour de force. 

David Bowie - Under Pressure (live) -

And how about this one? Thanks to DJ Doc for pointing out that it's David's Mum right at the end of the clip with him on the beach.

David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes -

Not much else to say this week. I listened to Bowie, enjoyed my work, read some books and chilled out on my bike. That'll do me for now.

The person replacing me in my old job starts on Tuesday so I'll go back to only working one position. That might give me a bit more time!

Be nice to each other,

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