Friday, August 7, 2015

Song of the Week #360

This week's very brief episode of the World Wide Woozle is coming to you from Balmain in deepest, and currently darkest, Sydney. I'm here for the weekend to check out a few things and also to hopefully see Australia beat New Zealand in the rugby test match; it never hurts to be positive!

The Hold Steady - Stay Positive -

DJ AB and I are now confirmed to make an appearance at the Scott 24hr mountain bike race again this year in October. In 2014 we did commentary and played music through the night and it nearly killed us. This year we'll be doing the same but for the whole race...yep, all 24 hours plus the lead up and the post race stuff. Ouch. If you feel you might like to come along to lend us some moral support then put the weekend of 10/11 October in your diaries.

Sports - Who Listens To The Radio -

I'm here in Sydney with DJ Macca. He tells me that one of the boys from AC/DC lives close by. I really don't need an excuse to play a tune by my favourite band. This one has swagger, boogie and it doesn't need much else. A great track from 1979.

AC/DC - Get It Hot -

Fans of reggae, might like this next tune. A band straight out of Vanuatu. I've only heard a couple of songs from them but I'm rather impressed. A CD is currently winging its way from them to me but if the postal service to Australia is anything like that to Vanuatu it could be here tomorrow or by Christmas. Listen be jamming in no time...

Stan & The Earth Force - Equal Opportunity -

I had a lovely day today with a visit to the Osteo followed by an x-ray. The ring finger on my right hand has pretty much stopped working. It's annoyingly painful and wakes me up at night. The Osteo is a bit baffled. I've had a look at the x-ray myself and I think it looks just like a finger. We'll see what happens. I won't cross that finger for good luck because I can't. I'd really like it to stop hurting and also to be able to wear my 20th wedding anniversary ring! This is such an obvious song choice...

BeyoncĂ© - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) -

Stone Sour's House of Gold and Bones albums have been on my extended playlist for quite a while now. Their brand of hard rock and metal sits well with me. They don't growl too much, the guitars aren't so de-tuned that they turn to mush and some of the lyrics are pretty cool. This is a cover they've released recently of a great KISS song. KISS should never be taken too seriously. Just raise your fist and sing along with a dumb grin on your face...

Stone Sour - Love Gun -

I've been using Spotify now and it's starting to pay off. The tracks it suggests are now regularly ones that I want to listen to. I reckon it's worth persevering with (especially given it's free) if you're looking for something new. Here's a couple of tracks from the recommendations...

Stray Cats - Rock This Town -

The Kills - DNA -

If you haven't tried the new Jason Isbell album you're really missing out. He played a set at the Newport Folk Festival recently and you can stream the whole thing from the NPR website. The new CD took me about three spins to really hook me in but the live stuff I took an instant liking to. It's here:

That's enough as it's past your DJ's bedtime. Yes, I'm old. For anyone still trying to guess the theme from a couple of weeks ago, the answer is "glasses". I had to get some.

Elvis Costello - Radio Radio -

Mamak everyone!


"I started surfing the madhouse, and I decided to stay" - Crop Circle, Monster Magnet, 1998

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