Friday, May 29, 2015

Song of the Week #351

Well that stinking cold lasted a whole week and the after effects still linger. It rather thoughtfully morphed into a blocked sinus which was a real treat for me with flights to Melbourne and then on to Perth on Thursday. I thought I might pass out in the terminal after arriving in Western Australia but somehow managed to hold it together through a cab ride, meeting with my incoming CEO and then a presentation, meeting and dinner. I was glad to get to bed that night! 

All that remains now is a rather husky and decidedly rough voice. I won't be singing at the gig tomorrow night but then I never thought I was! "With my back to the riser I'll make my stand..."

Steve Earle - Guitar Town -

I've listened to a few bands in continuance of the bodacious rock and roll excellent journey and nothing has really grabbed me yet. This is a band I've tried to get into but it's not quite there (yet). Very much in the AC/DC mould but often I find the vocals a bit harsh sounding. If you watch any live footage however you'll be in no doubt that they give every show the maximum level of effort. Keep an eye on these boys from Australia. With the power of Roadrunner Records behind them they have every chance of success.

Airbourne - Back In The Game -

As you'll know dear listener if you've been paying even the slightest amount of attention; I'm off to Vanuatu on Monday. As a result Song of the Week will take a hiatus. There will be no episode next week. Short of doing a "pre-recorded" version there's no way of me accessing the internet where I'm going. What I will try and do is be in contact when I get back to Port Vila on the way home. My Iranian cab driver today thought that my efforts in trying to teach him Bislama were extremely funny, He already spoke four languages and had an Engineering Degree. I do wonder why so many people who come to Australia as well qualified professionals can't get our Government to recognise their degrees. You can't tell me we have an oversupply of Electrical Engineers. That's something for another day.

Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner -

On the plane flying to Perth I watched the film "Selma". If you don't know it, it's about the Civil Rights Movement in the USA and Dr Martin Luther King. I haven't read any reviews of it or information about how accurate it is at this stage. I thought it was a powerful and well made movie. One of those that makes you want to learn more about a topic. Tim Roth was absolutely fantastic as Alabama Governor George Wallace.

Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire -

A 2 hour time difference may not seem a lot but it has knocked me around. The sinus pain probably didn't help either. So that's it. You'll hear from me again in a couple of weeks.

Lukim yu! (see you later),


"...can't grow a beard or even fight, 
I lied about being the outdoor type..." - The Outdoor Type, The Lemonheads, 1996

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