Tuesday, April 15, 2014

World Wide Woozle on the road April 2014 #1

Welcome to a holiday extra episode from the team that brings you Song of the Week. This week, HQ World Wide Woozle has relocated to the mid north coast town of Port Macquarie. It's pretty good so far with great weather, decent coffee and good company. Apart from the family I brought along my road bike, guitar and the ancient netbook that I'm typing on now. I'm fairly sure that this netbook will soon have the Linux distro called "Elementary" installed on it as Windows is running like a slow dog panting on a hot day. All I really need to do is check that it'll recognise my Garmin (bike GPS computer) without Windoze.

I brought along my little Blackstar 1 watt valve guitar practice amplifier as well. Until the other day I hadn't realised that it also has an input jack for an MP3 player. I plugged the iPod into it and I must say that even though its only got a small speaker the sound is better than most docks I've used. At the moment a classic Australian album is pumping out in glorious mono; Tumbleweed's "Galactaphonic". Probably one of the best stoner rock LPs I've listened to.

Tumbleweed - Hang Around - http://youtu.be/AAErpY2DirY

Port Macquarie is the home of Ironman Australia and I must give a huge amount of respect to anyone who has done the race. DJ Big-Al and I have ridden most of the bike course the last two mornings. I must admit that I am truly horrified that an Ironman event would be conducted on such a dreadful surface. Apart from being quite dead, it's full of potholes and nasty patch jobs. I must give a shout out to the majority of car and truck drivers around here though, they are courteous and watchful for bikes. After poor weather and illness last week meant my lowest kilometre count in 18 months (for 7 days) it's been great to be out in the sunshine riding.

In last week's regular episode I spoke about iTunes radio and the general hilarity and coolness that was the "Hair Metal" channel. Well, I'm sorry but you're all going to have to wait until I have a more reliable internet connection for me to recommend tunes and provide you with links. Maybe it's the hotel, maybe it's the weather or maybe it's a plot by mainstream radio to keep me from sharing hook laden egocentric rock and roll with you! Let's see if I can get just one link as a taster...

Dokken - Burning Like A Flame - http://youtu.be/ioACqbxChSo

Speaking of radio, Triple J has obviously recognised that they have alienated a fair percentage of their "older" listening audience. The announcement that Double J radio is starting up shortly with people like me (original JJJ listeners who grew up) in mind. Sadly, it's only available on digital radio and the nation's capital won't get it broadcast here anytime soon. It's all good if you're in Melbourne or Sydney and already have a decent range of radio stations...grrrrrrr!
Righto, I'm on holidays so that'll do for today. Watch out on Friday for a regular Song of the Week episode. 

DJ Rob

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