Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gig report - George and Rob at Vivaldi's 18 Feb 2014

Just a quick write up folks.

George and I were asked to play some songs at a private function that was held last night. Accordingly, H chose some songs and we had a quick rehearsal last weekend. I was fairly sure that the setlist would go out the window after the first song...and I was right!

We started quietly with some Church, Don Walker, Nick Cave, Lennon and Beatles as the audience chatted and ate their dinner. This was my first gig with the new amp that I bought recently and it's an interesting beast - by the end of the show I almost had it set in a way I was happy with!

After a while some people started to sing along - maybe it was Rhinestone Cowboy that convinced them. 

When you play in a rock band, most songs are three or four chords with maybe a bridge thrown in. They aren't that hard to remember. But when keyboard players get in on the act each song has a gazillion weird notes and chords for some reason. Being told just to "play along" used to really freak me out. But once I got it through my thick heavy metal, punk rock head that the keys were carrying the melody I began just to add bits here and there. I don't know if anyone noticed the screaming blues guitar solo in the middle of Billy Joel's Piano Man last night but it was there.

Eventually some people wanted to dance and H and I obliged with a run through Thunder Road, No Second Prize, an impromptu Crocodile Rock and some other well known numbers. The inevitable request for a Queen song stretched us but by the time we gave it a go with Don't Stop Me Now the crowd were in fine spirits and singing so loud that we managed to get through it.

H and I had agreed a while ago that any money that we were paid would go to the "Crossing The Divide" charity. It's one aimed at helping disadvantaged young people aged 12-21 in and around Bundarra and Tingha in New South Wales. We were blown away when the company who we were playing for announced that they were donating $1000 to the charity. Even more exciting was that individuals there on the night donated more money so we ended up with close to $2500 to pass on.

I'm not sure I've ever played a gig where, in the middle of a song, the singer has called someone up so that they can hear us playing. H did that last night so that Matt from Crossing The Divide could be a part of the gig. That's just awesome.

So, we played some great tunes (some of which we had actually played before), the crowd had a good night and the food (thank you Vivaldi's) was fantastic. A gig with a feed included is just the best. But most importantly, a significant amount of money is winging its way to a worthy charity.

We've got a couple of small (and free) gigs coming up; click here for dates and information. And don't forget the huge, full band, Midnight Oil tribute shows coming up in May.

Thank you again to Snedden, Hall & Gallop (it was their party) for their financial generosity and their singing prowess. Also to Mark and the staff at Vivaldi's for looking after us so well.


PS: here's the setlist - we think it's right!

Under the Milky Way

The Way You Are Tonight

Ship Song


Across the Universe


No Surrender

The Streets of Philadelphia

I’m on Fire

Rhinestone Cowboy

The Scientist


Better Be Home Soon

Grow Old With Me

Thunder Road

No Second Prize

Crocodile Rock

It’s Almost Saturday Night

Throw Your Arms Around Me

(What’s So Funny About) Peace Love and Understanding

Solid Rock

The Dead Heart

Piano Man

Morningtown Ride

Jumping Jack Flash

Tie Your Mother Down....well almost

Don’t Stop Me Now

Fortunate Son

With or Without You

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