Friday, December 13, 2013

Song of the Week #276

Have you ever listened to an album, an old one, one you've listened to on numerous occassions and thought to yourself; "wow, that is AWESOME"? Well maybe you haven't but I had a similar experience this week. I've never really been a Sex Pistols fan. After all, it's just one album and a lot of rehashed stuff after that. But for some reason I threw "Never Mind The Bollocks it's The Sex Pistols" on this week and it just blew me away. I've no idea why this happened but the energy, the guitars and the snarl just hooked me in. If you haven't heard the album right through in a long time (or ever) then get to it. Somewhere I've got this next clip on a VHS tape...not bad for the first song of a live show.

Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (live 1996) -

This week DJ Umbridge gave me a really, really cool book. It's called  "The Man Who Cycled The World". It's written by Mark Beaumont who did as the title suggests and rode a very long way. He averaged about 160km a day and smashed the world record. Interestingly enough, he grew up not far from where I went to primary school in Scotland. I guess it's lucky that he's done the ride already so that I can concentrate on other things! Great read indeed.

Perry Como - Round and Round (1957) -

Work wrapped up for the year today. If you were an alien and didn't understand calendars you'd know that something was up because small things start to upset normally rational people. This week there was outrage directed at me as a result of a lack of tea bags! You have to laugh.

Ink Spots - Java Jive (1940) -

DJ RozLin has just returned from the USA. I think the shops there are empty as a result. While she was there she got to visit cool places like Sun Studios. And she brought me back an Elvis guitar pick - seriously cool. I'm not much of a tourist but Graceland and Sun Studios are two places I'd love to go to. If you like Elvis and you're in Canberra then make sure you check out the current exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I've got to get a visit in there as well as to the Maps exhibition. Hopefully I can fit them in next week when I'm not smashing myself on the bike.

Elvis Presley - Baby, Let's Play House (1955) -

If you're a Star Wars fan then like me you might be a bit overwhelmed by the number of books out there other than the ones from the films. There are so many and the quality ranges the whole gamut from awful to pretty stellar. I took a punt and started reading a new series of Star Wars comics that are set between episodes IV and V. Basically it's the search for a rebel base which as we all know ends up being on Hoth. Apart from Asterix and Oor Wullie I've never been into comics but these are pretty well written and the illustrations are great. I did wait until I had more than one at a time to read though I must admit.

Weird Al Yankovic - The Saga Begins (1999) -

I decided last week that I'd finish each episode with a quote I liked. Last week's got a comment on the blog (wow!) and a few email responses. Yep, Henry Rollins does have quite a bit to say that is worth listening to. Here's the tune that the quote was from...

Rollins Band - Shine (1994) -

Remember the Midnight Oil gigs that I played in? Well H, whose band it is, has been spending some time working with indigenous kids in northern New South Wales. He sends pictures and updates now and then and the smiles on the kids that he is working with are magical. I know that he's keen for us to head up there one day to put the show on for the locals. It's a hell of a drive but personally I think it would be a real treat. And to see those smiles in the flesh would be amazing. Here's hoping!

Midnight Oil - One Country (1990) -

Marriage equality is very much on the agenda here in the national capital. As you may or may not have heard, the High Court of Australia ruled that new ACT legislation allowing marriage equality could not stand. They ruled on the law, not on morality. To me it seems simple - it's time for a new law. Let's get on with it.

Billy Bragg - Sexuality (live 2013) -

Let me finish off with a huge vote of congratulations. DJ HB started her sporting career in athletics and then moved into triathlon. She's now a road and track cyclist and has worn our country's colours a few times now. Very recently at a World Cup meet in Mexico she won bronze in the team pursuit and then followed it up with GOLD in the individual pursuit. That's just awesome. There's an off chance that I might get out for a ride with her in the next couple of weeks. It isn't every day that you get to ride with a champ!

BB King & Eric Clapton - Riding With The King -(2000) -

See you on the road,
DJ Rob

"No more pencils,
no more books,
no more teachers dirty looks" - Alice Cooper "School's Out" (1972).

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