Friday, November 8, 2013

Song of the Week #271

If Saturday night’s alright for fighting then Friday night is definitely good for collapsing on the lounge with a book, some good music and/or a movie that isn’t too mentally taxing! But I guess that wouldn’t make a good song title.

Last week I mentioned The Cult and their album “Electric”. I was pretty excited to get the vinyl version (including the unreleased original recordings) at Landspeed Records here in Canberra on Saturday. It was also a relief to buy a record that hadn’t been shrink wrapped and therefore warped in the process when the cellophane is too tight. Another album that I took delivery of the week came with a download card so that you can bung the MP3s on your iDevice. Now THAT’s the way to sell music. Give me the security blanket and warmth of the vinyl but also the on the move version – great!

Cliff Richard - Wired For Sound -

I played Cliff as much for the Walkman he's wearing as for the song.

I think I’ll give up on Bob Dylan. I’ve tried and tried but he just bores me to tears. There are, of course, moments of brilliance, but a whole album is a bridge too far. My latest attempt was the remastered “Self Portrait” album and the demos and outtakes that go along with it. On the original it’s almost impossible to get past the grinding drudgery of the opening track. Yuk. I’ll admit defeat safe in the knowledge that Bob won’t mind! At least he was good in this one…

Traveling Wilburys – Tweeter & The Monkey Man -

Super heroes are all the rage at the moment. It’s almost as if someone decided that it was okay to be a little bit nerdy and admit that Superman or the Green Lantern is cool. There was a time when there certainly wasn’t such a broad appeal. I’ve been meaning to watch the new “Man of Steel” cinema extravaganza but it’s quite long and I don’t want to fall asleep during it. Falling asleep in the movies is bad whereas on the lounge at home is just amusing. There are a couple of great songs about super heroes though that come to mind…

Spin Doctors – Jimmy Olsen’s Blues (1991) -

3 Doors Down – Kryptonite (2000) -

3 Doors Down are from a town in  Mississippi called Escatawpa. Why am I telling you that? Well because I think it sounds cool; wrap your lips around Escatawpa a few times!

I think that the lack of a live action Wonder Woman movie is a travesty. That was an awesome TV show. I do realise that a pilot was made for a new TV series but apparently it was so bad that it was shelved.

Wonder Woman Theme (1978) -

I did venture back to criterium racing this week. And I did a lot better than last time. Hanging onto the bunch for the whole race was an achievement. The average speed for the race of about 35 minutes was 41 km/h – that’s not slow for an early middle-aged bloke like me. I imagine I’ll go back for another go before too long. I was thankful for DJ AB and DJ HamerTime looking out for me.

Usually by Friday I need some louder and faster music to get me through but today is a bit different. I doubt that I’m mellowing with age, I think I’m just tired. So let’s have a few laid back tunes.

I’ve listed to some Bryan Ferry recently after rediscovering the “Country Life” album by Roxy Music. I got an old copy on vinyl a few years ago and it is very, very cool. I know this isn’t on that album but it’s a great song.

Bryan Ferry (live 2012) – Song To The Siren  -

Ever since I saw a live Sheryl Crow DVD I’ve been a fan. Some of her album tracks are a little bland for me but in general they are a good listen. Playing live though is where she shines. 

Sheryl Crow (live 2013) – Easy -

Wynton Marsalis is an amazing musician. This isn’t the most laid back track I suppose but the smoooooth playing is worth a few minutes in your busy day.

Wynton Marsalis – Carnival of Venice (1984) -

As a result of my musical background I’ve always listened to acoustic music, folk music and some bluegrass too. A few years ago these guys appeared and they are firm favourites. Not only do they do great tongue in cheek versions of so many rocking tunes, they are great musicians.

Hayseed Dixie - War Pigs (live 2006) -

This week we'll finish with The Saw Doctors. Back in the day when Triple J radio played a wide range of good music I heard this. I've got the album somewhere on cassette. Excuse me now as I'm off to eBay to find it on CD. This is the biggest selling single in Ireland of all time if you believe the internets. Enjoy!

The Saw Doctors - I Useta Love Her (1990) -

DJ Rob

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