Saturday, September 28, 2013

Song of the Week #265

Song of the week is usually written in my head in the shower, on my bike and as a response to email traffic. I try to write bits and pieces all week and then cobble them into something semi-coherent to send out on a Friday afternoon or evening. This week I had plenty of good ideas but when Friday rolled around it was all still in my head and I had other things to do. That's why you're getting this on the weekend.

As I type, I'm bravely going where only millions have gone before me and I'm upgrading one of our iDevices to the latest version of iOS (7.0.2 today). Let's hope it's worth it. I know that Angus is rather cross at the cost of the new iPhone 5C - he certainly fancied one for himself but it's far from affordable for most people - even those making huge wads of cash by working at McDonald's. I read this morning that Apple says that the 4S is its "cheap" iPhone. And whilst it is a great piece of kit, bear in mind that it was released in October 2011.

Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone -

Righto, let's have some music.

Thanks for the feedback about last week's "Desert Island Discs", it's nice to get an email here and there even if not all my readers are happy with my musings. To those who don't like it on a regular basis I do wonder why you continue to read or why you don't at least write something in response.

DJ FatRollins and I have been mates for a long time and he's sent me plenty of recommendations in the past for songs to play here. His "Desert Island" selection is a pretty loud list which suits me just fine! I like the fact that he chose 10 tracks in just a couple of minutes without agonising over his CD collection. I guess that means that these are tracks that mean a lot to him. As with last week, I'll play a couple of highlights and publish the entire list on the blog.

First up is a track from Helmet. If I had to describe their music it would be "heavy" and "mathematical". They are the masters of things like odd time signatures and syncopation (I think). This track is one of their more accessible ones - a straight ahead beat. It's always funny going to a gig where the band is playing some off kilter rhythms and no-one can really groove to them!

Helmet - Wilma's Rainbow -

DJ FatRollins also included tunes from Pink Floyd, Buckethead, Neil Young, Gary Numan and Korn. The next tune stood out for me though. Why? Well it's popular, well known and I hadn't listened to it for a fair while. It's from an album that I really don't rate highly at all for a number of reasons - but that's just my opinion and that's for another day. I really like this song. Thanks Laff!

The Beatles - A Day In The Life -

Also feeding my plea for "Desert Island Discs" was DJ SamSpam. His list included Cab Calloway, Billy Bragg, Redgum, Shaggy and Samuel Barber; it's a good mix. DJ SamSpam also recognised the fact that there was so much missing from his selections. Here's a couple I really liked.

First up is Paul Young doing a great cover version with lyrics that really mean something to a lot of people.

Paul Young - Love Of the Common People -

Try as I might, I've always found that the next group chosen by DJ SamSpam grates on me just a little. I've got series 1 of the TV show here on DVD (thanks Bro!) and I'll go back and have another go at it over the next two weeks because to be fair I'm in a much better frame of mind for comedy these days! I also know that DJ SamSpam was at university with one of the performers here...

Flight of the Conchords - Carol Brown -

Please come back for more "Desert Island Discs" next week. I'll be featuring music chosen by DJ DJ who sent me a carefully sequenced double album list! There will also be tunes from MC Macca. And there are still quite a few others to work through.

I've already written a fair bit this week and with school holidays having just started you can expect the next couple of episodes to be bumper editions. One thing that I will be spending some time on this week is preparing for a return to radio. DJ AB and I will be fueling up on coffee and jelly beans and attempting to broadcast for about 7hrs straight at the Scott 24hr Mountain Bike Race - yep, you guessed it - the graveyard shift. We'll be on from about 11pm until 6am whilst the riders churn out their night laps. It's going to be great - jokes, live interviews and a ton of music and commentary. Watch this space for a rundown. HUGE thanks to DJ GUZBox for organising this and getting us in!

I'm a bit slow. I've only just realised that Metallica have a live concert movie out and it's in 3D. I'll check it out as soon as I can and report back. The last concert film I watched at the movies was Neil Young's stellar effort "Heart of Gold". This is from the film...

Metallica - Master of Puppets (live) -

OK then. Before I head off to the social event of the year, otherwise known as DJ COJ's Grand Final Brunch I'll play a couple more songs.

Firstly here's one from from my exercise playlist which got a lot of airtime this week. It's not a small list and I have it set on shuffle. This track was one I hadn't heard in ages but made me smile! Cheesy!

Mel & Kim - Respectable -

Next up is a song that I'd call a guilty pleasure. Music snobs and hipsters wouldn't like it but I've always found it to be a real toe tapper!

Bryan Adams and Mel C - When You're Gone -

DJ H introduced me to the next track. We played it at one show and it's a lot of fun. It's another track with a catchy tune. Maybe I'm in a toe-tapping mood. I also increased my vocabulary by one word as a result of the track - essential for all you Words with Friends players!

Bright Eyes - Jejune Stars -

And finally, it's a while since I played a Steve Earle song. Maybe at least one whole week. Steve is one artist that I keep coming back to. His music inspires me. And his life story does as well. It's like a cautionary tale on steroids.

Steve Earle - Christmas in Washington (live 2008 at Farm Aid) -

Be kind to animals and middle aged men in lycra.

DJ Rob

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