Saturday, August 10, 2013

Song of the Week #258

How many of you out there remember your first road trip as a driver? Zoë is about to have one. To be fair it's only a 45 minute drive out to her Youth Group Camp but I can assure you it's exciting for her.

My first long drive was a bit more extreme. I headed home from Canberra to Victoria. It was a bit of a hike, 600km, that included a short patch of unsealed road as well! Anyway, Zoë has proved herself to be a most capable driver in the last couple of weeks so I'm sure I have nothing to worry about. (Saturday morning update - she's there without any dramas - hardly surprising!)

Some of you may remember me writing about Glen Campbell's album, "Ghost On The Canvas". It's a fantastic record in my opinion and so very poignant in many places given that Glen has Alzheimer's Disease. Well blow me down, he's managed another. Glen is 77 now and although much of this was recorded in 2011 I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. The last album made me teary so who knows what this one will do!? Here's a fairly recent live track that shows that the voice is still there.

Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman (live) -

It was seriously cold here on Friday morning. I rolled out of the garage at about 6.30am on my trusty bicycle and headed up the highway. My plan was a quick 25km before riding to work. Certainly I had so much gear on that I felt like the Michelin Man. About 6 km into the ride I entered some fog, well more like pea soup! I'm not sure I've ever been in it so thick. I have a reserve red flashing light on the back of my helmet and this morning I turned it on as well as the one under my saddle. Although the shoulder is nice and wide out there on the highway it pays to play it safe. By the time the ride was over and I got to work I was very cold and wet as well. But really, there's nothing quite like it to set you up for the day! Mad? Probably.

Little River Band – Cool Change (live) -

If LRB had played that song on one of today's TV "talent" shows we wouldn't have heard anything after the first few notes as the crowd screamed. Seriously people, have a good listen before you drown out the performers.

It was a bit of a sad day for me this week when I sold my beautiful time-trial bike. For the uninitiated, TT bikes are the funny looking ones that cyclists and triathletes use to battle against the clock. You almost lie down on them to ride. Whilst mine was a thing of beauty, my foot injury means no running and therefore no triathlon. As a result I couldn't bear to look at the bike doing nothing in the garage. "The Burglar" has found a new home and some potential racing which is great. And I have a few dollars in my pocket…hmm…time for a cool commuting bike perhaps??

AC/DC - Ride On -

A couple of weeks I emailed a few people to see if they could help me out here with some "Desert Island Discs". You know the concept, choose a dozen songs that might be the only ones you could take with you if you were marooned. Well the responses have been very, very interesting. So much so that I'm rethinking how to use them. If you'd like to join in then feel free to email me your list. My brother sent me a real classic, one that I'd forgotten all about…what I hadn't realised is how many versions there are of it. Of course this first one is most likely the best known, but hang around and listen to the second...and third!

Paul Young – Love of the Common People -

Bruce Springsteen – Love of the Common People –

Nicky Thomas - Love of the Common People -

I wouldn't think that Bruce would lead me to reggae that often but today he has. And reggae leads to ska and on through to punk rock. It's not rocket science but it's a fairly obvious pathway.

Desmond Dekker - Rude Boy Train -

The Ruts – Babylon's Burning (live) -

The Specials – Too Much Too Young -

Rancid – Ruby Soho -

In sad news, medicos have apparently told Lemmy from Motorhead that he needs to slow down or cease touring. Whilst Lemmy isn't a young man I'm not sure that he can imagine a life without rock 'n'roll. Here's hoping that it can all be sorted out. After all, Keith Richards still manages to wheel himself out all the time and surely that's against the laws of nature.

Motorhead – Rock 'n' Roll Music -

A friend of mine did a great cover of this next song sitting in front of his webcam. To be truthful I had no idea that it was a Joan Baez song. She'll be in Australia touring soon. Anyway, this is a great version...

Judas Priest – Diamonds and Rust (acoustic) -

Next up is a band I know nothing about. I saw a photo of their singer playing a FLying V guitar like the one I used to have and clicked on a link. For those of you who liked the few tunes I played from "City and Colour" a while back you might also like this. It's fairly laid back stuff but what I like the most apart from the singer's voice is the little guitar runs in the background. See what you think.

My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus -

I went to see Zoë's orchestra play during the week. It was cool. But conducting one of the other ensembles was a good friend of mine. He's an ace trumpeter and a fantastic conductor. Sitting with him later on he told me that he'd bought a guitar as he needed some music "to himself". What a brilliant idea. I'm hoping that after he's put a few chords together that we can get together and bash out a few tunes. I can picture him playing this one...keep on rocking Greg.

Neil Young - Old Man (live) -

Just before I finish I must reveal that I got the shock of my life to see Lionel Richie advertising beer recently. He appears singing "Hello" as some guy opens the fridge. Really Lionel? Did you need the money? If you did then OK but otherwise stay out of the fridge. It's such a shame because it's such a fantastic song. Years ago DJ W-Dee gave me a couple of Lionel's LPs. They remain firm favourites.

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (live) -

At the start I mentioned Glen Campbell. His voice seems pretty much as strong now as it does on his early recordings. Not many artists can make that claim. But John Fogerty can - he still sounds great. Let's finish with a couple from him.

John Fogerty with Dawes - Someday Never Comes -

John Fogerty and The Boss -Fortunate Son -

John Fogerty and Kid Rock - Born On The Bayou -

Bye y'all,

DJ Rob

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