Friday, September 21, 2012

Song of the Week #213

On Sunday night I headed out with H and some others to see Mia Dyson (from Torquay) play here in Canberra. It was the first time I'd been to "The Abbey" and it is a wonderful venue. The crowd was a bit quiet (it was Sunday after all) but the show was first class. Gutsy, rootsy, bluesy guitar with a great band and heartfelt honest vocals. And I solved the mystery of what kind of guitar Billy Bragg has been playing for a while. It was the same as Mia's....made by her Dad!
Mia Dyson – When The Moment Comes -
The Abbey has some fine gigs coming up including Johnny Diesel, Pseudo Echo and The Black Sorrows. Actually, Pseudo Echo may have already been but you get the idea. We'll be heading out to see The Black Sorrows later in the year. It should be a real treat. One band I was on had a couple of their songs in the setlist; but not this one which is a travesty! Great slid intro.
The Black Sorrows – Come On, Come On -
Here's a song that DJ Chicken and I listened to this week. I've got the album that this one is on (on vinyl naturally – it was the 80s folks). A covers band with an ever changing roster of Australian rock royalty. And one Englishman on bass. Great rock and roll.
The Party Boys – Hold Your Head Up -
It's football finals time down under. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Australian Football is the best footy for spectators. Here's a great track and some footy highlights. GO PIES!
Little River Band – Playing To Win -
The Tea Party were in the country earlier in the year. They came out of retirement and recorded a live album. The difference was that it was funded by fans, me included. It's now mixed and available for download (it's downloading right now) and I'll get a double vinyl LP in the post before too long. It's pretty cool to have played a small part in making this record happen. Here's a track from their visit down under. DJ DJ was able to meet the band and watch a full show from backstage – now THAT'S cool. Many people compare The Tea Party to Led Zep; fair enough but then everyone has to have influences! I've chosen a quieter tune on purpose.
The Tea Party – The Messenger -
DJ Al-E-SunshineOfMyLove and I have finished watching the BBC TV series 'Life on Mars'. If you haven't watched it then do yourself a favour – it's great. And the 70's soundtrack is pretty good as well. Here's one that features in Season 2. I really have to get pants like these ones....
Slade – Coz I Luv You -
Now, Neil Young has a new album coming out soon. Apparently it's going to be psychedelic. I've got a horrible vision of Neil playing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" with a grungy guitar. Not good. Fingers crossed it's completely NOT that. Here's a really, really good Neil Young track. I'm never sure how this one would go down with a live audience...but then maybe Neil has experience in this area and believes it to be true...
Neil Young – Welfare Mothers -
I'm signing off now. I've got football to watch, cycling to do, an essay to write and the new Bob Dylan album to listen to...I've listened once and it sounds pretty good.
Here's some awesome live Bowie...just because....
David Bowie – The Jean Genie (live 1973) -
That's all folks...
DJ Rob

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