Friday, July 27, 2012

Song of the Week #205

Hi everyone. This entry marks the end of the first week back at work for me. And it has been pretty flat out!

My awesome daughter was 16 years old yesterday, the poor old dear! I’m pretty sure she had a good time even if she did have to be at school early for a Jazz Band rehearsal. She took us out for Thai food last night. Yum.

The Tea Party (the band, not the political movement) are in the country just now playing some live shows. They are recording a live album as well which I have pre-ordered on vinyl! They needed a heap of pre-orders to make it happen and I’m glad I could help in my little way. My good friend DJ DJ went to see them in Adelaide and got to meet the band AND watch the show from the side of the stage. How cool is that!!?? Here’s a song that he picked for this week’s episode.

The Tea Party – Save Me -

DJ DJ took me to my first BIG rock gig - Motorhead in 1991.

I’ve recently discovered a whole lot of complete, full length concerts on YouTube – I thought that one was limited to a 10 minute video. However, it seems not and I’ve seen some great stuff from Motorhead, Van Halen, Queen and The Beatles.

The Beatles – Get Back (live on the roof) -

Remember you’ll see Sir Paul closing the Olympics. That is if it isn’t rained out.

Awesome Swedish metal band, Sabaton, have announced that they are coming all the way to Australia. This is great news until you realise that they are only listed to play three shows. I mean really, who comes all this way for just that. Here’s hoping they get some more up and running. They are supporting Nightwish as well.

Sabaton – Coat of Arms -

Another band coming to Australia is Nickelback. I really wish they’d reconsider. Yuk.

I’ve just realised that I haven’t listened to a lot of music this week. Maybe I was too busy. I’ll need to make sure that I remedy that very shortly.

My Mum sent through a few old 45s for Zoë and I this week. I’ll finish off with some of them.

Marcel Amont – Wheels -

The Firm – Star Trekking -

And the piece de resistance….one of the best pop songs ever released…(nice shorts George!)

Wham – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go -

The sun is out and it’s Friday afternoon – might be a good time to cruise on home shortly. Plans for the weekend include Angus’ rugby, Zoë’s party, avoiding the Olympics Opening Ceremony and hitting some mountain bike trails. Bliss.

DJ Rob
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