Saturday, April 21, 2012

Song of the Week #191

It's a laid back Song of the Week this time – I've been on school holidays for a few days. That might explain why it's late as well!
We've had a couple of birthdays with me being older and Angus being 14. On top of that Zoë has passed the theory test and will get her learner drivers licence on Thursday. Pretty cool huh?
Last Sunday I ran the Canberra Half Marathon. It was pretty cool to turn up to a race and not have to worry about a bike, helmet, run shoes, swim gear etcetera, etcetera! I had a few friends running – DJ COJ and MC JoJo who both did excellent times. I knew they'd be faster than me so I let them be! However Big Al said he'd like to run for me for a while at least. My plan was to stick with him for a couple of kilometres and then see how I felt. It turned out pretty well as we settled into a cruisy pace of 5.30 per km and sat there the whole way. Usually I find running with other people for any distance very difficult but we just chatted the whole way and the time passed pretty quickly. 21km was enough though – not really keen on a full marathon any time soon.
The half-marathon brings my season to an end. I'm pretty happy with it really – there was a good variety of races and I enjoyed myself. Now I need to plan for winter and look further ahead as well. The 24hr Mountain Bike Race in October might be on the cards as well as attending to unfinished business in the Triple Tri later on. We'll see.
Just another word on Angus' birthday. He wanted a particular skateboard which he designed himself on the internet. After weeks of his agonising and changing the design a link to the website and the specifications appeared on a note stuck to the fridge! He was pretty chuffed to actually get it. But, he bashed the side of his foot today teaching his sister how to skate! I'm wondering how long it can be before he gets into skater music...
Henry Rollins is in the country! Woo hoo! Alison and I will be seeing him in a couple of weeks. He was on TV on a talk show not too long ago. I'm not sure that he thought much of the other guests including Bindi Irwin, perhaps we'll hear all about it at his show. Here's a fairly good clip of Henry explaining himself...
Sheesh, Suicidal Tendencies and Rollins....hardly laid back are we! As I see there's no going back so brace yourselves!
I've watched a few movies this week as well. Here are two that you should avoid, "Age of Heroes" (about British Commando's in WWII Norway) and "The Eagle" (about the Romans/Hadrian's Wall and Scotland). Both of these are almost complete drivel. Glad I only paid $2 each to rent them. However, it's not all bad. I also watched a very black comedy which is based on a true story. "Burke and Hare" is a film about two Irishmen in 1800's Edinburgh who earn a living providing cadavers for medical research. It's funny and a bit gross but well worth a look. If you liked "Sean of the Dead" or "The Two Ronnies" there is something here for you (except Isla Fisher's appalling attempt at a Scots accent).
ANZAC Day is coming up. It makes me mad that the shops close on Good Friday and Christmas Day but open on ANZAC Day. Grrrrrrrr. But anyway, just remember it's about honouring those who served and who still do. It isn't about who is right or wrong – that's for politicians.
Last week I played a tune by a band called Alabama Shakes. And I think I'll play another. It's a while since I've heard a relatively new band making sounds that I find exciting. Maybe King Cannons were the last ones. Anyway, I've now noticed that Triple J radio is playing the single for Alabama Shakes so here's hoping that they are successful! This is such an antidote to the perfectly processed and manicured pop bands that we are assaulted with. That and the hip hop artists who think they are the greatest. Get a life.
Levon Helm (from The Band) died during the week. Very sad indeed – cancer again. Here he is with Sheryl Crow. The song seems appropriate.
After last week, DJ Doc told me that he thought most folks were either Stones fans or Beatles fans. I probably sit slightly further into the Beatles camp. That isn't to say that I worship blindly at the altar o the Fab Four – they have some truly dreadful recorded moments in my opinion (most of the Magical Mystery Tour album) but they are more consistent, in my opinion, than the Stones ever were or have been. I know it isn't at all politically correct but one of my favourite song lines of all time is from the Rolling Stones classic "Brown Sugar". "I bet your momma was a tent show queen..." just struts off the record – rock and roll perfection.
Even when the Beatles are at their coolest, they're no where near Mick Jagger.
And if you don't think this next mega-successful band aren't a Stones tribute band in disguise.....
I clearly remember fronting up the cash for the Aerosmith album that the previous song comes from. They'd reformed and the promo videos piqued my interest. "Permanent Vacation" is a great album although I suspect it isn't a classic because it's too rock and roll. They graduated to schmaltzy ballads after that. What a shame.
Last year I got right into an album by Roky Erickson. The band he chose to play on the record with him were this next lot. This tune is one of the top 100 for 2011 on which surprised me. I was looking at the list hoping to find something cool. I guess I did. This really is a band I have to listen to more of. I've taken to writing a list in the Notes section on my phone...but it's quite long!
Quite often it seems the best songs are inspired by tradgedy or horrific events. But this one snuck up on me. It's a song I've always thought is pretty cool and along with Elvis Costello's "Welcome To The Working Week" starts a Monday off fairly well. But what I didn't know is that this next song is about a woman who shot from her window into a school yard in 1979. She killed two people and wounded nine and is still in prison. At her trial she is reported to have said she did the crime because  "I don't like Mondays". Bob Geldof wrote a classic song about it.
That's a bit of a dreary note to end on but there you have it!
See you all next week.
DJ Rob

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