Thursday, October 20, 2011

Song of the Week #165

Unlike the last few weeks, this is a really, really, really early edition!

Why? Well, on Friday Alison and I will be on the road to Port Macquarie. Why? Well it’s Will and Jacqui’s wedding on Saturday and we’ll be there for the occasion.


I met Will when we were both new staff at St Eddie’s a few years ago. We both played guitars and loved music. We’ve been good mates ever since.


Here’s a song I know Will thinks is pretty damned good. Me too.


Stevie Ray Vaughan – The House Is Rockin’


Elvis and Bruce do a pretty good job on this next song…until they can go no further!


Costello & Springsteen – Pretty Woman


And that sort of leads to this version which I’m really not sure about. In interviews with the band they claim that David Lee Roth made them do it!


Van Halen – Pretty Woman (fast forward about 1:45 into this to avoid the boooooring intro)


Now, Alex Van Halen’s outfit and bare chest brought me to this next song. An 80’s cheesy classic!


Baltimora – Tarzan Boy


And when we hit the 80s there are just way too many dodgy songs that come to mind. The original version of this next one is a classic but I’m happy to admit that when I heard this cover in the 90s on the radio I thought it was Lemmy from Motorhead singing!


Lawnmower Deth – Kids In America


And I know that I heard this song about the same time. The original is beautifully produced, heartfelt, well played and the vocals are sublime. The Lemonheads roughed it up perfectly but it just goes to show that good songwriting transcends genre.


The Lemonheads - Luka


Canberra readers please don’t forget to check out George & Junk Sculpture’s Springsteen tribute show. Details – click here.


It’s been more music than general mayhem this week. I’m avoiding some controversial issues until maybe next week. But the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are here in Canberra right now. Hooray. How exciting. It’s a shame you can’t really hear my sarcastic tone. I’ve got nothing against the Royals personally but I think it can’t be long before Australia moves down the republic road. At least we haven’t got Charles here with his ears interfering with everyone’s radio and TV reception! Oh, that was mean. Oops.


Motorhead – God Save The Queen (I LIKE the video – the Queen driving a bus!)


If you’ve got a spare moment please have a look at . It’s a movement to provide working watches to health workers in developing nations. What an awesome idea. I’ll be ordering.


Right. I ‘d better pack my bags. What will I need for a wedding at Port Mac? My Funky Trunks and sunglasses? Oh, and a hat I guess.


Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Summer Holiday


DJ Rob

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